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"I would actually like a calash, made of silk, of course, to wear with my velvet cloak, of course, to wear over my ruched and rustling dress, that swings over my hoops as I step into the ball room, of course. " Ahh... I want one of those too! With some delicate slippers that waltz across the floor silently....

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Sunday, November 27, 2005  

Oooooo I can’t believe it’s the last day of my sweet luxurious 5 day holiday weekend. I am soooooo in to staying home and so very in to playing with my toys. And I am so not going to mope away this last golden day feeling sorry for myself because it all ends tomorrow. It doesn’t. The only thing that ends tomorrow is - tonight.

So - all my rock spindles are in great shape for Tuesday’s story time in J’s kindergarten class. I’ve also twirled enough on my Golding spindle to know I can demonstrate how it’s done. I haven’t spun on HeyBaby since The Retreat - which seems about 3 years ago. So, what have I been doing fiber wise, that has taken up so much of my time? Guess I’ll have to go back and read my own blog if I want to know. But I shall warm up on HB and do a little spinning on my wool and mohair/wool tweed. Oh my! I also remember that I’ve signed up to participate in a handspun yarn swap. Wool blended with something else - 120 yards - in January. How could I forget about that.

Okay - spinning and Tuesday all arranged. What about my knitting? I didn’t knit a stitch on any socks yesterday and yes, A - be confident - I shan’t start any sweaters for any darlings before Christmas. Instead, I’ll start something else. While watching Love Actually for about the 5th time in 2 weeks, and weeping at the end, like I always do, (sigh) I sorted through my big bag of expensive novelty yarns, all of which are coordinating, miraculously, since they were all bought one ball at a time from sale bins. Plucking two - a thick/thin thing bought while BD was having his heart attack, and a fizzy sort of thing that is scratchier than I wish it were, I cast on a wrapped stitch shape - planning on something to wrap around the head - depending on how long it grows. I am thinking of something like a calash - a big hood type thing that I can wear without getting hat hair. The scarf part can go around my head and then perhaps wrap around the neck like a very short scarf. I’ll knit the hood part with some other type of yarn that coordinates, but isn’t fizzy, because, alas, the fizzy stuff itches.

It’s a mindless knitting project. I just don’t want another scarf. I have enough. And I do like to wear hats and have always wanted a loose hood. I would actually like a calash, made of silk, of course, to wear with my velvet cloak, of course, to wear over my ruched and rustling dress, that swings over my hoops as I step into the ball room, of course, where Colin Firth is waiting to dance with me. But at least I can have something that doesn’t flatten my hair to my skull.

Something else wonderful happened yesterday. I found where I’d carefully stored my Ali$e$armore Book of Fair I$le Knitting. Yes. I did. I paid full used book store for that puppy and I’d been $couring my house for week$ looking for it. What a relief. It was consorting with The Best of Lopi - you know those northern island folk like to hang together. Now if I can only find that new sock book I bought last October.

I’ve also been flipping through my old knitting magazines and notebooks, refreshing my memory and seeking inspirations. I have quite a fat library of ideas, patterns and samples. It’s fun to pour over them. In fact, perhaps sometime I will do an analysis of what I like and why, from the back issues of my magazines.

What I have not done is go into the attic and look over my Christmas stash, and I’m afraid to promise that I’ll do it today. I ought to do it. I’ll be glad if I do. At least that will keep me 2 floors away from the kitchen with it’s tidbits and morsels and high fat goodie bites. (Thank goodness the whipped cream is all gone - at least it can do no more damage!) But I have begun work on my little Christmas Notebook and before the season is over I’ll have a lovely little blueprint for next year - and perhaps, I shall be a little more beforehand for this one.

So. Life returns to ... December tomorrow - or at least, as good as. I have one small chore at work that is about half way done. I can get it all the way done before the week is over and then I am officially on half-brain. We have a big function at the library next week. And something is happening on Dec. 10 - though I can’t remember now what it is. We are talking about throwing a party between Christmas and New Year. It’s that time of year again, and I actually love it. I hope you all do too.

And what do you know - a quick peek at the used book finders tells me that my Ali$e $tarmore has gone up 50% in 2 years. What an investment.

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