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I'm totally with you on not wanting designers to do something "innovative" with the seasonal decorations/colors.

Pink and green for Christmas I can BARELY tolerate - I was a child of the 70s and also went to prep school - but any of the other bizarre combinations give me hives.

The Target near me has got a whole wall of bizarreries - Christmas tree ornaments "Vegas-style" (martini glasses and dice, now I ask you) and other things that I can't wrap my head around as being Christmas.

And, on a related subject: I can't stand it when chefs/cooking magazines go all "creative" on Thanksgiving. No, I do not want wild boar for Thanksgiving instead. No, I do not want the dressing with my turkey to be made out of pita bread or contain chipotle-dusted corn. No, I do not want the pumpkin pie replaced with some kind of monstrosity concocted out of exotic fruits. And I especially do not want people mucking about with my mashed potatoes and introducing such adulterants as bleu cheese or garlic or peppercorns. (If it's someone else's family tradition, I will put up with it but gripe inwardly, but if it's some chef changing things for the sake of change, NO.)

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 2:59 PM  

I can handle any jewel tones with Christmas - purple and gold and sapphire blue, all acceptable.
Spangled Vegas ornaments, a sushi Christmas appetizer tray, too weird. We are stuffy traditionalists, and without us, how would anyone know why the Pink Beaded Martini Glass Ornament was supposed to be cool? Without stuffies like us to gripe about it it'd just be boring.

By Blogger Catherine, at 8:11 PM  

My mother made a Williamsburg wreath with apples, oranges, nuts and perhaps even a pineapple in the center. One of my absolute favorites, and the talk of the neighborhood. This was in New York State, so the fruit stayed good long enough to fill out the season.

By Anonymous Necia, at 7:09 PM  

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Monday, November 28, 2005  

I made it into the attic! Yes! Victory - or at least - progress. I can’t go into that dark warren without muttering to myself "I simply must get up here and clean this place up". I never do. But I always promise myself that I will. It’s a veritable rat’s nest of old clothes, old furniture and old toys. It is in serious need of a good clean. Let us hope that day will come sometime before I am too old to get up the steep tiny staircase with mop and broom.

And I didn’t discover much of anything beyond enough ribbons and bows to bedeck a store’s worth of presents, and one box of Christmas cards. So when I go to TheCity today I will buy another box of cards and I believe I really will have to buy some more wrapping paper. My attic is not climate controlled - it’s hot in summer and cold in winter (which is why I don’t ever get around to cleaning it out). The colors on the wrapping paper fade in the summer heat and I really ought not put it up there at all. Might as well burn it in the stove.

That will be one to go into the Christmas Notebook: Do Not Save Wrapping Paper in Attic!

I also brought down the Wreath thingies. "Huh?" you ask. Well, they are little styrofoam fruits that have been glitterized and attached to alligator clips. The sit nicely in just about any sort of wreath and give it that della Robbia look - my absolute favorite Christmas look, be it the Italian version or the Colonial Williamsburg edition. I am a seriously traditional Virginia Christmas decorator. Do not give me Martha Stewart teal and buff for Christmas. I know what I like, and it’s not "different". Not "refreshingly new". Not a "Not Your Mother’s Christmas."
I want my mother’s Christmas. That means it’s also my Christmas - the ones I remember when I was young and full of hope and anticipation for all the possibilities rolled up in the mystery of this magical time. Who knew what Santa might bring? Perfect gift? Perfect date? Perfect bliss? I never even minded that perfect never came along. Good enough was good enough and besides, the act of hoping is fun for me. It’s a lot like being a process knitter - the journey is the pleasure, not the arrival.

So give me traditional, medium value reds and greens, lots of fruit and the woodsy scent of evergreens, fluttery ribbon ties and please, no Siberian landscape white punctuated with public restroom aqua and pink.

A few years ago I noticed that the traditional colors for the different seasons were under serious attack. You see it most in magazine covers. Gone are the rich hues of autumn on the October issues of House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens or even the grocery store standbys - Woman’s Day and Family Circle. The only magazine that hinted at autumn colors in it’s 2005 fall line-up of covers was the Martha Stewart November issue. At least it had a dark cover centered with a pumpkin pie - alas - it looked a little gloomy to me - and very urban trendy, as opposed to heart warmingly autumn.

After a summer of sweltering mosquito biting, exhausting heat, we got the fresh new look for autumn - Lilly Pulitzer green! Yuck. I am ready, at the end of a typical Virginia summer, for things cozy, snugly and dark. I am tired of hot bright sunlight. I long for evening to come early, blanketing our day with it’s soft cloak of nighttime. I want to look at a picture and smell cinnamon. Not lime. Not in September, and definitely not in December.

In fact, I want the magazine to promise me the same stuff I want Christmas to promise me - the might be's, the maybe's, the image, the feel, the look. I don't care if it's not real. I don't care if I don't actually have the big table laden with harvest bounty. I just want the feel of it, stimulated by visual images that I've long associated with the possibilities and maybes and hopes.

Oh. Well. Hmm. I didn’t mean to tumble into an interior decorator’s rant. I merely ment to say that I found those fruit clip-ons in my attic foray and I see that I’m short one so I hope there are more available at some holiday shop somewhere.

A box of Christmas cards, some fruit clip-ons and a bag of wide wired ribbon. That was all the haul I got out of my treasure hunt into the attic. This week’s shopping will fill in the gaps; scotch tape, unfaded wrapping paper, some greenery. The holly this year is Currier & Ives perfect, loaded with berries and glossy green leaves. I like to wait till December actually gets here to put up decorations, but there’s always a bit of assembly with holiday decor and it’s nice to get started on that in a timely fashion.

I’m leaving for the city this afternoon and will be there all day tomorrow, visiting my family, doing a story time program in J’s classroom and playing with new fiber friends. No post from me till later in the week. I’m taking along the Christmas socks and maybe the novelty yarn calash-that-might-become a Christmas gift scarf instead. And I am back on WW again, with a vengeance. The body is not happy. The clothes aren’t either. Perhaps I can achieve a low fat vegetarian flush over the next few weeks. I certainly feel the need.

Till later, then ....

posted by Bess | 6:19 AM