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Tuesday, November 15, 2005  

Ahh Amie - Starburst lace is in the second tresury - it's one I own - and alas, it's the one with written instructions not charts. But it's the one with the most patterns in it - thus, the most bang for the buck. My copy is the red one.

Here's the hem treatment - unblocked, of course, but taped flat onto the scanner bed. I'm on row 4 of the 14 row repeat. It's really nice enough as is - but I just want to be sure about what 2 repeats looks like.

The repeats are too wide to run two up the front of the sweater, (on me, that is - and at my age, I better know what looks awful on me) though I could put some sort of edge treatment after the hem and then run a single lace parasol up the center. It wouldn't flow as well as it would if I could have the repeat come up out of a center parasol, but it would work. I'll have to think on it - and decide, after I've decided on how may rows of the pattern I want. I'm so so tempted to stop right here - or rather, to stop with one.

And it turned out yesterday that I could have stayed home!! and knit!!! and watched more chick flicks!!!! There was this little voice telling me to call in absent but I mistook it for the devil and allowed stoopid dooty's scolding finger to push me into the truck and shove my foot on the accelerator so in the end I did go to work. But I Could Have Stayed Home!! Isn't that just the pits?

Ah well, I'll make up last Friday's holiday another time.

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