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Would it work to have two repeats of the lace going up the front of the sweater? Or what about one repeat of the lace centered over the four at the bottom?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:04 AM  

Ah... what a lovely chick-flicky weekend! There's a thread on KR about P&P that has me craving the CF version... I may pop it in tomorrow afternoon... is it too soon to want GB gone again so I can have full tv control again???

Bess, darling, which BW Treasury is "Starburst Lace" in? I'm dying to knit something in that, and I may have to buy it for my birthday, so I want to be sure I get the right one...

By Blogger Amie, at 11:50 AM  

I was thinking something along the lines of the 2 lace repeats as well. somcething that gives it flair, but doesn't make you lose the shaping. something like
-\/--\/- where the -'s are st st and the \/'s are your lace coming up the front panel.

also.. I can understand your reservations about p&p. I wonder though what you thought about the bollywood version bride and prejudice? I wondered if it took it too far or was just enough different to be wholly entertaining.

By Blogger purlewe, at 11:56 AM  

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Monday, November 14, 2005  

A Chick Flick Weekend

At least, mostly chick flick stuff. BD decided suddenly to go visit a friend on Friday at dinner time. I knew if he went he’d linger through college football and he did so - not returning till after dinner on Saturday. He had to be in MD Sunday night and decided to leave fairly early in the afternoon which left me with hours of opportunity to watch smarmy and/or sweet videos while I knit away on the NBP.

Not everything was a chick flick, though I did get in a good viewing and a half of Love, Actually. The Colin Firth/Lucia Moniz scene is my favorite, though I love the one with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson too - well, and the Liam Neeson one and who is that cute little boy with the pointy chin? I also like sappy Christmas movies, especially the ones intended for children. So I got in a good weepy weekend of viewing and knitting.

I’m struggling with the NBP design - because I will insist on knitting my own design - even when it’s just a plain sort of sweater with only a little embellishment. I’m reconciled to this aspect of my knitting persona, but that doesn’t shrink my dithering opportunities.

So. The issue is both one of design and of gauge. In St.St. the yarn knits up at 5.5 st. to the inch. But in the lace design I can get over 5 inches out of 22 stitches. Obviously 5 patterns across both front and back will make a fairly generous hem - maybe more than 50 inches across, onnacounta, once blocked I might even get more than 5 inches to a 22 st. pattern.

If I chose to go with the 5 patterns and made a sort of a-line tunic type of sweater I could still have the central pattern travel up to the neckline, only....

I don’t have that much yarn. I have about 1,350 yards. Fine for an ordinary sweater with some fancy cuffs and hem but not enough for a flared tunic, a design that must be longer than my usual and preferred sweater length.

Scratch the 5 patterns - go down to 4 - which is okay - looks nice. Scratch the central design. Okay it can be a sort-of-on-the-dull-side sweater though it sure would have been nice to put a design line down the center. I have a matching eyelash yarn that will make a perfect scarf for this sweater, giving me the line I'm looking for. Yes, yes. I can live with this.

Next design issue - how many rows of the lace pattern do I want to put in this thing? As can be seen in last week’s pictures, this is a very wavy lace. Since I want to take advantage of that I’ve decided to knit the lace hem flat and then join the body on a circular needle once I switch to St.St. I finished one complete pattern and like how it looks but ... I want to know if I’d like two complete patterns, 2 rows of the design, and that means I have to knit it, knowing I may then decide to rip it out.

While I am a process knitter - it’s still difficult to knit with the deliberate intent of ripping. I had to go take a walk yesterday while I cogitated so counter productive an action. That was no onerous thing, though, since the world was all topaz, amber, and citrine, fused to the copper floor of the forest. The autumnal fragrance of crackling leaves and moist earth wafted up and around me with each step and by the time I’d tramped down the home path I was resigned to knitting that second set of 14 rows. I will just tell myself it is a swatch - and somehow that feels less like knitting in retrograde.

So. I am resigned to a plain front sweater, and even thinking about a sort of t-shirt shape, with maybe a little indent at the waist. The math will be interesting since, to get the part right at the bustline I will have to go up from 178 to 220 stitches, the number I would have cast on had I knit 5 patterns of hem. That’s a lot of increases. I think I’ll put in a pair of garter stitch rows and a k2tog,yo bit of fagotting before I make the switch to I can do the increases in the garter stitches, where they aren’t likely to show. We shall just have to wait and see after 10 more rows of lace knitting.

I’m still enjoying this design phase and it shan’t be long now till I’m on the easy part, motoring up to the shoulders. Lots of opportunity to think about knitting math between now and then. Too bad it’s Monday.

posted by Bess | 6:31 AM