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Oh, I wish I had read this before coming today. I can answer your question about the Joy perfume. Yes, they still make it and yes they still claim " The Most Expensive Perfume In the World" I know this because it is my ultimate favorite and when I use the "puppy dog eye's look"...I get it for Christmas ( not the perfume of course, but the cologne) yummy, yummy stuff! Love you and Thank you for today! You're the best!

By Anonymous Patti, at 10:30 PM  

Oooh, now I like the idea of a Christmas Notebook! What a fun tradition! I've thought of crocheted notebook covers too, but I wonder about the stretch-out-of-shape factor - what fiber would you use?

Gotta stop procrastinating, must shower and get moving....

By Blogger Catherine, at 8:22 AM  

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Thursday, November 24, 2005  

Ahh. I had hoped I would waken this morning full of literary zeal and flowing with eloquent words. Alas. I just woke up feeling lazy and rested and a lexicographically challenged. I can’t seem to get my inner stop-watch synchronized with the day’s schedule. I blame it all on not having enough guests for Thanksgiving.

Usually we have 12+ and a turkey big enough to satisfy the Haile Guys among ‘em. That means it has to weigh 22 lbs or more and that means it has to go into the oven around ..hmmm.. about now. This year, we have only 8 guests. Now that we are Post Heart Attack, there is only one gargantuan Haile appetite and that one is bringing us a rolled venison roast to sit beside the turkey, which is decidedly smaller than I am used to cooking. This is good since it fits in the roaster better. This is also good because I have more time to loll about on a holiday morning. But it is difficult to plot out one's steps when they are new steps and the extra lolling time has my brain on LayZ mode.

I’m feeling very clock driven this year anyway. Not like last year, when there were Things To Do for TheWedding, but because sometime in the summer a little desire was born, deep in my hidden Virgo heart, and it’s been growing all by itself, without any conscious mothering by my Virgo brain, till it’s a full blown ambition: To map out Christmas in a little notebook so that I can actually Do It All.

Well, of course, you all knew I had weird, overblown, ego-busting, urges. This is the girl who made TheWeddingDress, after all. And mind now, what I think All is may be nothing to many of you others, but the real urge behind my quirky little plan is prompted by the desire for Another Notebook. Last summer, while I was trying to come up with a project we could actually make in my Crochet for Knitters class, I hit upon the idea of a notebook cover. Of course, who wants a notebook cover? Well, I would like one, in Christmas colors, into which I could put all the steps that need to be done, and in what order, and by what date, to get to all the things I really want to do, during my favorite holiday of the year. I like sending Christmas cards but I don’t like feeling rushed with them. So - how early must I start writing them? How soon, in fact, ought I to begin looking for the cards I want to send this year? And what about knowing .... When do you go into the attic to look over last year’s decorations that you just stuffed away because you were sick of looking at them?

I adore those magazine articles that tell you how to schedule big events. You know the type .... they begin: 3 weeks before the party make out invitations...1 week - make menu, 3 days - shop for imperishable...1 hour - slip into your Versace and clip those Cartier pearls to your ears....spritz once with JoyTheWorld’sMostExpensivePerfume.

(Lawsee - do they still even make that perfume? Do they make that claim about that perfume?)

In short, I would like to sort of (lovingly, not psychopathically) ritualize some of the routines I so enjoy. And I’d like it all written down so I can refresh my memory each year and pick and choose among those rituals, the ones I’m in the mood for in any given year. And I would love to have another New Notebook to write in. A Special Christmas Rituals with Time Tables New Notebook.

We never did get around to making one at The Retreat - things go more slowly in a class, the bigger the group is - but I can do it in a smaller class, taught around here. And I can still use my notebook cover and my notebook which I bought to make the prototype. So, after all the heavy feasting of today, after the laughing loving chattering happy evening spent in the company of the people we love the most -or at least, some of them, I have this happy thing to look forward to. All of Friday to devise a DoItAll Christmas. It feels like I have a brand new game to play, or brand new book to read. I think it shall be such fun.

And when I am not playing Martha Stewart Christmas Planner, I shall knit on socks and watch P&P with GD, who never got a chance to come over yesterday.

But in the mean time, here is the happiest wish to all, for the best Thanksgiving you have ever had.

posted by Bess | 8:06 AM