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Well, I am grateful this year that I don't have to go to Annapolis today - the Friday of the Boat Show makes traffic unbearable. So yay for teaching days! (though Monday likely won't be any fun either.)

Enjoy your day playing!

By Blogger Amie, at 9:39 AM  

Can't wait to see that boucle! Make sure you bring it along to the Retreat to show off!

And I'm totally with you, too, about Clara. Sorry I missed seeing that post yesterday, but glad I got to see it today. (I'm still jealous about her Taos trip ... thinking next year I'm going to try to hide in her suitcase and tag along. hee).

Hugs, Jen

By Blogger Jennifer, at 5:31 PM  

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Friday, October 07, 2005  

You’re welcome, Missy Clara. I’ll take that in twenties.

No. All joking aside, I meant every word and in fact, hadn’t intended to gush but I was so swept with that warm feeling yesterday a.m. that I thought I’d write to you, and then decided instead, to post it to the world. And you can see I spoke for many.

And all of us want to go to Taos!

At least it’s Friday and this particular weekend I will be home, almost alone. M is coming from C’ville to spend Saturday night and P, of TheWedding, is visiting me on Sunday. BD and M will be off to the boat show Sunday morning. "The boat show?" you ask. Well, yes. If you live on the east coast, there is only one boat show and it’s a sailboat show and it’s in Maryland - sort of The Show State, isn’t it? It’s held every October, in Annapolis, a pretty colonial port that echoes with iron shod hooves on cobble stone streets and the memory of fiery speeches denouncing the King and Unfair Taxation. It’s an extremely expensive town crammed with tiny houses in minuscule yards - or no yard at all, along the streets of federal row houses. There is a large dock rimmed with shops, hotels and punctuated on one side by the U. S. Naval Academy. On any given weekend you’ll see handsome young cadets, spick and span in natty uniforms, proudly escorting their parents or girlfriends around town.

If you have $ to spend you will find lots of places to do so, picking up tailored casual clothing or antique maritime souvenirs at premium prices. That was the first place I ever saw a Banana Republic Store - back when I could actually wear trendy, but before I could afford it. In fact - I believe there’s a photo somewhere of stylish me against silvery masts and clanking rigging. Maybe I can find it before I leave for work.

I have been to many and many a boat show for BD is a sailor. We’ve had 4 sailboats over the years and he has lusted for many more. Beginning over 20 years ago we began haunting the Annapolis Boat Show, looking and wandering and scampering about fore decks and afterdecks and hatches. If you have ever wanted to see what it is like on one of those Loveboat Luxury Yachts, here’s your chance. Beneteau, Catalina, Dolphin Catamarans, Hallberg-Rassy, Jeanneau - they’re all there. And true to form, I’m sure BD will spend the entire day looking for an 18 foot day sailer and muttering that there’s nothing at the show. I don’t mean to sound the least bit gender biased, oh no, not me, but I will say that none of my girlfriends ever goes to, say, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and complain that there is nothing there but wool for cryin’ out loud? And why are there no tatting booths?

And what this has to do with anything I can’t remember. Early morning seems to be my meandering mind time.

Oh yeah.

It means that I'll have some alone time this weekend and can spend it spinning up that merino/tencil boucle. I’ve unloaded about half the bobbin’s worth of spun single onto a matching thread. I’ve been very careful about applying the effect yarn to the thread. I’m trying to gauge the impact different feeding angles have on the resulting puffs and squiggles. I also would like to learn to spin a boucle yarn without ever creating one of those tight dead spots. Not that they show up in your knitting, but they would show up in the skein and maybe someday I’d like to enter a boucle yarn into a contest.

I’m also being very careful because I want to put lots of twist into this ply. I think that if the first thread gets lots of twist in it you can ply the second thread onto it tightly enough to give the yarn some spring. Otherwise, these thread boucles have no elasticity at all and create a lovely drapey fabric that will not hold a shape. Great for collars, but not so great for turned back cuffs.

When I was buying thread for this fiber I bought both a matching color and a spool of lavender thread that simply danced with the taupey colored m/t. Often one might want the thread to blend into the puffy part of the boucle, but a well coordinated contrast can be very exciting. I will save the last of the singl on the bobbin to experiment with this colorful thread. I have in mind some mittens in a lavender color wool with the cuffs done up in boucle.

Ooops! Nearly 9 o'clock! My dears - thank you all for your comments - they’re always such fun to read.

posted by Bess | 7:29 AM