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Oh my word, I just have to have that sweater vest on the right! Love the color,style, everything about it!! OK...who do you know that would want to knit that for me?? Got to have it!

By the way, Bess darling, I think Taurean's have that same "I'm a bad girl, it has to be perfect" thing, too!!
Miss you and love you!

By Anonymous Patti, at 8:27 AM  

I suspect it's a general "woman thing" - not just virgoan (or taurean, or saggittarian...) characteristic... how like a discussion I'm having elsewhere.

Can't wait to hear more about the class, and I'm off to look at Bill's site for myself!

By Blogger Amie, at 1:00 PM  

Like Amie, I look forward to hearing more about your class - sounds fascinating to say the least.
Ah, the "perfect" thing & women - been there, doing that, still doing that too many minutes of too many days & am getting better w/it...I think ^..^

By Blogger Martha, at 5:46 PM  

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Monday, October 24, 2005  

What? It’s Monday already? The 24th!!?

That’s how I feel, anyway. Like time is whizzing by and I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do next in order to do what I’m supposed to do next. I dreamed all last night about retiring - and worrying that there wouldn’t be enough money to live on (there wouldn’t) and also about my parents deciding to come for a visit and then not being able to drive up to the house so they got our neighbors to bring them over by boat, only just as they got to The Point which, in my dream was a rocky coast, not a marshy one, they decided to go skinny dipping. In front of everyone. And the best thing about it was nobody was embarrassed or repulsed - and afterwards mama could walk without any pain. So - obviously the first dream is all about not having enough time to stay home and play with the spinning wheel and the second is about not worrying about stuff. Right?

I did get in some good spinning this weekend. The first 2 bobbins of the brown tweedy stuff are plied, skeined, set and dry. No point in showing a photo of them since they look just like the sample pictures. Though I used up all the mohair/merino I didn’t use up all the springy brown wool. Altogether I got about 130 yards, which suggests to me that this yarn is going to knit up at 4 st. to the inch. The pattern I’m toying with is the blue cabled jacket with shirt collar in the fall '05 Family Circle knitting magazine - the one with 4 cables up the front and 5 up the back and garter stitch button band. That pattern calls for 5 st. to the inch so I’ll be doing some fiddling around with it. I would anyway because, especially with short sweaters and jackets, I must must must put in short rows along the bust.

Anyway, at the rate of only 130 yards a week this project will take some time before I can start knitting. I’m pretty well determined to not start till I have enough to finish the whole garment. I don’t want any big surprises at the end. I did fill another bobbin, this time packed to overflowing, with mohair/merino and started in on bobbin #2 of the wool. Though I have some time off this week, I also have some Obligations, none of which are spinning.

So. I didn’t post yesterday because I am still very deeply pondering my experience at the dowsing class. I’m not sure I’m ready yet, to post about it. It dives quite deeply into my other life - the one where I explore things that not many physicists can explain - things like past life regression and prayer and such. I don’t particularly feel I must explain to others what these things are or what their meaning is, but till I can explain it to myself, I can’t describe my experiences to others.

Dowsing of course, is most frequently known for finding underground streams for digging wells. My dad dowsed for his well and loves to chortle about his neighbor deliberately ignoring Dad’s suggested spot and digging 3 dry wells. He finally dug a well where Dad told him to and guess what. Yep. Water. Lots of kids like to play around with dowsing sticks and pretend with them. I did when I was little. But we live along the river. There’s always going to be water around here. We just dug down. Later, we put in an artesian well which doesn’t involve underground streams but burrows below the rock subsurface to an aquifer. So it never occurred to me to dowse.

Bill, the class teacher, was the guest speaker at our spring Friends of the Library dinner meeting and we were seated together. As we talked, as I questioned him about dowsing, I realized that what he really does is tap into that same spirit world that yogi’s seek, that contemplative cloistered orders seek, that past life hypnotists seek. It is also very likely the same source people who have uncanny success find - stock brokers who always pick the right stocks, ball players who become extraordinarily good, even gamblers who just seem to have the knack. I believe it’s that same world that fiction writers go into, where the characters sort of introduce themselves to the author’s consciousness, and then - go about telling her the story, which she is incapable of changing even if she wanted to. And I know it’s the place the fabulous musicians go when they stand on stage and move your very heart with indescribable beauty.

I’ve felt in touch with my spiritual side all my life and for the past 10 years I’ve been actively exploring it; first with meditation - something I had to be middle aged to be ready to even try - and later with other tools. Alas. I am still in the naval gazing stage of my development - entirely too self absorbed. So what I will do with what I learned at the dowsing class is still shrouded in smoky veils. I am, after all, a Virgo and live in constant dread that I am a Bad Girl and it is All My FAULT! So much of the work I’ve done has been to seek ways to Do It BETTER! and also to not be so hard on myself.

The fun thing is that you must practice if you want to be skillful at dowsing. The practice is not physical, except in so far as you are to calm your mind, not think and not try to control things by thinking. It is all about shutting up and listening - another area I am in great need of exploring. But for a former little musician, the concept of practice is very comforting and reassuring. I know that practice really does make you better. And since being BETTER is so obviously my [not so] hidden goal, I’m likely to keep practicing and perhaps I’ll find out what it is I want to do with this skill.

What’s also reassuring is that I have a lot of talent for this sort of thing. And I had a tremendously good time on Saturday with the 3 other students. And I still got in some good spinning this weekend. So. I guess it isn’t so bad it’s after 8 and I must fly.

posted by Bess | 7:59 AM