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???Huh??? Got yer message, but what now???

-- Marg (Bewildered)in Calgary

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Big hugs to you and that Big Darling man you live with.

Love ya - mean it!


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Saturday, October 15, 2005  

Well duh! I ought to have realized how tagging worked. Tag was one of my favorite games as a kid - regular tag, freeze tag, and even statues, which I always thought of as a sort of tag. This one came from A. So. Let’s see.

10 years ago:

Grandma (BD’s mom) came to live with us. I was still deep in the slough of despair (worse than Bunyon’s slough of despond) over retiring into the Mom Reserves as my job of Active Duty Mother came to an end. LD was in his second year at college and I wanted a baby so badly I thought I’d die. A baby, or a 5 year old or anything. At a different stage of life, Grandma was so badly needing a mother - someone who took care of her in the most intimate ways. So - when you really need things, look how they can be provided. I simply adored having this darling woman living with us. It was a lot of work, mind, but I needed someone to care for in such a minute way. Desperately. And she needed a gentle glide into the twilight of dementia. We had 2 wonderful years with her before she became bed ridden and I developed a health problem that made it impossible for me to lift her. It was one of the most beautiful of life’s balances. Don’t you believe that crap about “not wanting to be a burden.” Sometimes, there is nothing so sweet as a burden.

5 years ago:

Ha! We had just opened up the New Library - and believe it or not - I was weeping all the time. This had been a project of monumental proportions for this little community. The population is only 10,000 and they raised $1,000,000 in donations to build this building. We’d put on parties for almost a year - culminating in a HUGE party for the opening in July. And for months afterwards, people kept coming in and asking “What are you going to do next?” (!!???!!!???) It got to the point where I always had tears rolling down my cheeks, so one day I sat down with my 1.2 staff and said “We will do nothing for the next 6 months except check books in and check books out. Nothing. Got that? We’ll come to work, smell the nice sweet new building smell, (Our architect made sure there were no weird “new” chemical scents in the building - wrote it into the blueprints and contract) and smile nice sweet smiles while we put books back on the nice roomy shelves.”

And we waited for Submarine Officer LD to get home from his 6 month deployment in the Med.

1 year ago:

We heard about TheWedding2B! And I got pink-eye! And BD drove off to Canada with M the evening of our first 33 anniversary. "First?" you ask. Yes, well. We always celebrate 2 anniversaries. Mine, which is the first and falls on October 16 when he and I went on our first date, then His, which is in April and is the day we got legal about things. And we’ll celebrate this weekend to, for I don’t cook on my anniversaries.

5 snacks:

Walmart brand of white cheddar cheese baked snack crackers.
Weight Watcher’s fudge ice cream bars
Red apples - either Delicious or Fuji
Red seedless grapes
Lite Velveeta on Nabisco soda crackers

This is all because when I eat real cheese - it’s not a snack, it’s Nirvana.

5 songs I know all the words to:

Oh. Well. That’s unfair. I was a music major and besides, my mama taught me one thousand songs.

I Have A Little Pony
Bella figlia dell’amore
Hey Jude ( oh. well. That’s a story)
Christmas time’s a’comin’
I’m a Rebel Soldier (yes that’s just what I am)

5 Things I’d do with $100 million:

Endow my library with a big chunk.
Start a scholarship in both my Dad’s and FiL’s names at their alma maters.
Start a fiber co-op retreat studio sort of thing where people could come to learn it all from all the great teachers, where they could have studio space, where there could be a little shop for selling things fiberish - with a business license so we could purchase at wholesale. hey! I want to start the John C Campbell Folk Art School - but here, not in North Carolina.
Buy Rose Hill for my kids.
Get some landscape guys in here and put down expensive turf grass.

5 places to run away to:

Ocrakoke back in the 1960’s.
Bedford VA
Colonial Williamsburg

(Well. There. I have a great home and Virginia really is for lovers!!)

5 things I would never wear:

Baby blue or Candy pink
Puffed Sleeves (any more, not that I don’t want to)
Barbie shoes - except, maybe in bed, or something
Empire waists
A bikini

5 favorite TV shows:

Alas - I don’t have a TV - haven’t for 30+ years but back when I had one

Mission Impossible
Soul Train
Mary Tyler Moore Show
Barnaby Jones

5 (among my) biggest joys:

Wheat dolphins - or dogs anytime
Autumn’s blue skies
Really good cheese
Reading aloud with BD
Anticipating - waiting - I love to wait for good things

5 favorite toys:

Spinning wheels and spindles
Swift and ball winder
Those ebony circular knitting needles - mmmmmm
Garden weasel
My house - full of stash and books and a bed to lounge in all day if I want

5 people to pass this on to:


Well - that took so long I don’t have time to write more - but it’s a Boucle Weekend so there’ll be lots of things to show on Monday. And it’s the Anniversary Weekend too. Wonder what we’ll do to celebrate. Besides eat out, that is.

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