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that purple "thread?" is awesome!!! did you make that? can i have some ha ha <3 me

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Monday, October 17, 2005  

We dashed out early (for us) on our lovely ramble through northern Gloucester County, partly looking over some terrain covered by Capt. John Smith when he was captured by Powhatan, but mostly just enjoying the glorious autumn world; a world of blue blue blue skies and crystal clear air, ducks on the move and the bobbing heads of sumac and devil’s walking sticks. We had a picnic lunch on a slender public pier on Poropotank Creek and stopped for a snack at Gum Fork. We meandered down a gravel rode till we found Rosewell - an ancient ruin of palace-like proportions. At Belroi we passed the teensy shack where the famous doctor Walter Reed was born and then drove down the peninsula to probe the shores of Mobjack Bay.

And every other mile or so we dug up a memory, an incident, a thought, and talked all the time about us and other happy thoughts. A perfect anniversary drive. We even ate Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner - surely wiping out any gains I’d made (or losses) on WW this week. Eh. Thus it is with celebrations.

When I got home last night I filled up the rest of the bobbin of wool&mohair blend and began on a bobbin of the brown wool. Lawsee! Am I glad I made the control card because I spun a good 20 yards of crap before I got my hands and foot adjusted to this wool. I hope every bobbin of this brown stuff I’ll be spinning doesn’t have such a long and wasteful leader. Thank goodness I have lots of it. I will try to get some pictures of the control card and the newest boucles loaded, later today.

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