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Friday, October 28, 2005  

So. It’s the Friday that’s a Thursday. And the day-off-that-wasn’t turned out to be a fairly successful Saturday. I didn’t get all the laundry done but I got those musty winter sweaters cleaned and of course, the M-but +$$+-S made the house sparkle. Later in the evening, GD and I made it glitter too, as we worked away on a ReallyCuteHalloweenCostume. I read additional chunks of the book we’re reviewing at Brown Bag Books today ( oh lawsee - that reminds me, I have to pack my lunch!) but I still haven’t finished it. Odd, too, because normally I am a quick reader, with scanning capabilities, but I can’t seem to scan this one. Still. I have a general picture of what happened and I am merely a facilitator/hostess for this group, not necessarily the one with all the ideas. When that part of the day is over, I will have only one thing more to do - and we all know what that is. Yes. KRR handouts.

I am trying to think what else I have to do this coming week besides get ready to play all next weekend. I am not trying very hard, because I haven’t made a list, which would be quite easy to do and would provide me with some means of gauging how to spend my time. I suppose this is a round-about way of talking myself into making a list. Going public with my shame might help, you know. Hmmm. So. What are the ImportantThings2Do between now and, say, January 1. (You do realize that Christmas is only 8 weeks [and one paycheck] away, don’t you?)

Trouble is - I have never been so disorganized in my entire life! I’m skimming along on vague feelings and a sort of detachment about Life. Ahh. Well. Perhaps this afternoon is the one when I’ll write it all down and plan my escape - to that grand and glorious day in the future when I will have ... Time.

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