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Tuesday, October 11, 2005  

Rats! How do I get advertising posts out of my comment section? Does this mean I have to have people subscribe in order to comment or what. I really don’t want to have to study blog code instructions right now - there isn’t time in my life and I’m sadly not that interested. If anyone out there has figured out a cheat sheet for preventing this sort of thing (see last comment in yesterday’s blog) please drop me a line and tell me how it’s done.

The book discussion group was fun yesterday. This is an interesting group of mostly women that has been meeting for about 10 years. It started out as an alumni club and has morphed into something more connected with the community college in that county. We had a great discussion about the book, All of us pretty much agreed: The class distinctions weren’t well enough drawn, the dialogue was to vague, Freddy was the only one we’d like to have as a neighbor and let’s all go to Florence.

Now I have to hurry and finish the book my library’s book group will be discussing at the end of the month. I haven’t really been in the mood to read it (It’s Wish You Well, by David Baldacci) and I must, since there's a waiting list for the library copies. I have been in the mood to finally read Harry Potter V, which I only skimmed, and the details of which are quite unknown to me - only the beginning and the smarmy ending. Not sure where this lust to know came from but there it is - I’m just ready for it.

Along with my usual fall reading, which is mostly re-reading my favorite children’s books, I have bunches of meetings and activities to prepare for. Yikes! October is suddenly collapsing into primal core material. My library board meets in October. The Virginia Library Association meets in October. I have a fall knitting class and handouts to prepare for the KRRetreat. Who stole all my time!?

Worse than all that - when I look back over the year I can’t see that I’ve actually made anything except one Christmas stocking, one felted bag, one sock, and one baby sweater. The Waves of Hearts sweater sits in a bag by my bed, untouched. Christmas approaches with it’s pointing finger of "Not a Real Gift Unless You Make It". Everyone I know is knitting up a storm and I have nothing to show for a year of talking about fiber. (this looks bad - I am starting to beat myself up - gotta get aholt uh myself - after all, I’m not in the business of fiber - but the pleasure of it)

Hmmm. Well, there is some spinning completed - but my aim had been to start knitting up the Wall of Color fibers sometime around November. Not gonna make that one.

Okay - I’m stopping this right now. No more scolding fingers.

Tonight is Knitters Night, and yeah, I was trying to think of what to take, so no wonder I was feeling so bad about my lack of productivity. Also - I am feeling a tremendous urge to (gasp) Start A New Knitting Project!!! Yup. I want to pull out of my stash, some large quantity of yarn that has languished in hidden storage, and cast on a sweater. Something big and time consuming and new and different - and also - something that would free up a drawer or corner or box. I’m really taken with the poncho/skirt (I would wear it as a skirt, dearies) in the new Holiday Knits book. I’m thinking of using all those odd lots of Aurora8 to make a striped sweater. I’m thinking of the Dream Catcher sweater in Loop-d-loop made out of one of the Brown Sheep Handpaint yarns I bought years ago.

So - hmmm. Here’s the deal I’ll offer myself. The moment I finish the handouts for the KRRetreat I may paw through the stash and select a Brand New Big Project and Cast On. So there, oh nagging conscience of mine. Just suck it up.

posted by Bess | 7:52 AM