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Thursday, October 27, 2005  

Not working on a Thursday is not the same as not working on a weekend day. Just like working on a Saturday is not the same as working a real workday. I worked Saturdays for 9 years and never felt like I was really working. I talked to people who came to the library. Made suggestions of great books to read. I looked at the interesting books that had arrived on Friday (my normal day off). I puttered and muttered and sort of was present and helped kids with assignments. But it wasn’t real work because it wasn’t a real work day and besides, we close early on Saturday. Back then it was at 1 o’clock, which meant I could actually go do stuff afterwards, but even now, when we close at 4 there’s still daylight - even after we go off that hideous daylight savings time - to take a walk or go to the store. Nobody is in the grocery store at 4 p.m. on a Saturday. Did you know that? Besides, if you work on a Saturday, nobody who could scold you for NotDoingSomething is at work, since nobody works on Saturday, right? State Library folk? Your board chairman? County Administrator? Whatever. They are all home because it’s the weekend. They’ll think about you on Monday. When you might call in sick.

Part of the reason being off on a Thursday doesn’t really count, is because BD works at home and he will think this is a Day Off and want me to play with him. He won’t understand that if we are to go on living Life As Normal, I will have to do all those Saturday things on a Thursday! Laundry is a Saturday thing. Floor mopping is too, though the Magnificent-ButMoreExpensiveNow-Sheryl will be here today. And I absolutely have to finish a novel for tomorrow - or at least, get through a couple of what I know are important parts ( because I’ve read the ending, you see - I just have to find out how everybody got there). And I promised to help with a Halloween costume. and I haven’t yet (blush) written down the handouts for the KRRetreat that will be here Next Weekend!!!

The other reason Thursday doesn’t count as a day off is that you have to go back to work on Friday. Even if you were going to go to work on the Saturday after a Friday off, Friday would have been a Real Day Off, since we’ve already agreed that working Saturday (in a library, at least) isn’t really working. But, after a Thursday off, when you go back on Friday, it won’t be Friday, because you have to come in on Saturday too. So Friday will really be Thursday, which, while it is usually my favorite day of the week, because it means you’re almost at the weekend, but if you still have SomethingImportant2Do - you still have Friday to work on it, too - well, when it is a Friday that is really a Thursday - well - it doesn’t feel so celebratory.

So. There you have it. Bess’ Theory of Days. Next time: Bess’ Color Theory of Days. (Did you know that Tuesdays are yellow?)

posted by Bess | 8:46 AM