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Ah, yes.... it was torrential here for nearly 48 solid hours and I was SO grateful (though likely not as grateful as you, since the drought didn't cost me money)! Perfect timing, too, cuz it stopped just in time for me to have a lovely day to put my bulbs in....

But oh, the rain was lovely and loud and long this weekend...

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Saturday, October 08, 2005  

If you were to click on WeatherDotCom and type in 22560 you would see that it is raining in town. It’s also raining outside my window - and on the river - and up the county. To the casual internet surfer this might not be particularly interesting news but to anyone living south of Pennsylvania and east of the major east coast mountain ranges, this is not just news, but Blessed Relief. For we haven’t had rain for 2 months. Not a drop. Nada. Niente. Zero. We’ve lost the bean crop (that pays the other half of our property taxes in December) after losing 20% of the corn crop. There is no hay to feed cattle anywhere west of 95. Half of the trees have already dropped their leaves. My beloved forest, which took such a beating 2 years ago, was in grave danger of dying off even more, during what I believe will be a hard, cold winter. Dried out trees just quit trying if they have to make it through a long freeze.
It’s also hot, muggy, clammy and sticky, but being able to endure, and even prosper, in Weather always feels somewhat virtuous to me - like the feeling I get when I have extra money in the bank. I feel like I can survive not just hard economic times, but hard physical times. I delude myself into believing I’m Tough and I live On the Earth. In a RealEnvironment, not climate control. Whether it’s true or not isn’t really important. The only important thing is that it is raining and now my precious forest has a sporting chance.
As for the rest of my life, the rest of my weekend, well. I plan to clean the house - something I’ve left to the MagnificentSheryl since the beginning of September. Time for my hands to caress my intimate world. And then I’m going to finish up that boucle yarn. Pictures next week.

posted by Bess | 10:18 AM