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Saturday, October 29, 2005  

Betcha can’t guess what I’m going to [try] to do this weekend. Uhhh, yeah, well. But first I have to go to town and log into the gym, before logging in to work. Work - that place where the Internet connection is fast enough to load and play this link.

Warning - sound: Llamas

Thankyou H. I hummed this idiotic tune the rest of the day - I even tried to learn the words.

And as a reward for completing the above Uhhh, yeah, well, I will paw through my stash and see if there isn’t some New Project I might want to start Fresh at the retreat next weekend. I will also have to paw through my clothes to find something chic but casual and Important Looking because the day the retreat begins, I’ll be gazing worshipfully at BD, an Important Guest at the Launch of the John Smith Shallop. As Mr. Jamestown, he has been a consultant on a number of projects planned for the 2007 celebration, including this one. I’ve missed out on a lot of these interesting gatherings, particularly the consultations that took place in my house, since we live midway between Stuff In Maryland and Stuff in Virginia. But I am not missing this event. So, while knitters are gathering and gossiping and preparing to Shop - I will be wearing wool and classic pumps, and being so durn proud of That Man.

At Crack-0-Dawn Saturday I’ll hop into the car and zoom on up to Graves in time for breakfast.

The Halloween costume is utterly darling. Gauzy scalloped wings are stitched all down the sleeve seams and halfway down the side seams of a black knit top. They hang freely from that point to about mid-calf, fanning out a little, even when the arms are unspread. GD sketched in a design then followed the lines with glitter glue. The entire surface was then sprayed with spray glitter - which is much finer than the sprinkle on kind and doesn’t stiffen up the fabric quite so much. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but best of all, since the wings aren’t attached to the back, they don’t have to have a stiff frame and they won’t get in the way if someone wants to come up and talk to you or if, heaven forbid, you were invited to take a turn on the dance floor.

Of course, a butterfly needs an entomologist, But he's just a science guy in khaki geek clothes. All that’s needed for his costume is a big enough net! And possibly, a pocket protector and field notebook.

I swear, having a girl in this family is so much fun!

But now - I must finish out today. The Saturday that is a Friday.

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