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Oh my. Oh mymymymy. That is indeed some sweater! That sort of thing is why I have bought books by Edith Lavold and Meg Swansen...all those rich colours and/or intertwined cable-y things...Much Too Much!!

Good on ya for keeping it to a Day Dream...for now... ;-)

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Thursday, October 13, 2005  

Baaaad Bess BAAAAAD. Noooo Noooo NOOOO. You will not lure others into your Dale of Norway Madness. You will not encourage people to spend $100+ on the world’s longest running UFO.

Lawsee I want one of those gorgeous sweaters. I wonder just what sort of psychological tricks&triggers I’d have to set up so that I would really finish one of them. I do finish some large projects. I raised a complete and fully functioning child. Actually, a PerfectAngelBabyDarlingOnlySon. I have been known to actually complete big jobs. I was the Library Director as a whole library - with no little bits undone or tails unwoven in - got built, 5 short years ago. But in 53 years of inner gazing I have yet to pluck the successful circumstances from the morass of flailing activity that is TheQueen at work, isolating the steps needed to be taken to ensure triumph. (Don’t you love the idea of a morass of flailing activity? Makes me think of the La Brea Tar Pits.)

But I am being good. I am not whipping out check book or credit card. I am not really doing much of anything but daydreaming, spinning a little and procrastinating. Well. Lots of procrastinating. What I think I shall do is make a deal with Self. If Self knits one whole adult sized sweater with stash yarn, she may then pop the big bucks for a Dale kit. I did that when I took up knitting again after decades of abandonment. It turned out to be pretty effective, too. Hmmmm. What do you know - an isolated successful circumstance already!

Okay - there’s really no news to post here, other than my vague stranded colorwork in fine wool longings. One of my students lost her dad this week and we postponed last night's class a week. That meant I got home early, which is good, since one of my headlights is out and BD won’t be able to replace it till the weekend. The only other fiberish thing I did yesterday was to realize, completely and anew, that I have still not written my handouts for the KRRetreat yet. I accepted my inner sloth, allowing myself to know the full extent of the task ahead.

Ahh well. ‘Tis Thursday. My favorite day of the week. I always feel rich on Thursdays. I think I shall wander off and tidy up for the Magnificent Sheryl. Don’t want her to know how much of a slob I am.

posted by Bess | 6:37 AM