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Dear Heart, finally took the time to read and savour your latest Stash Lament...and boy! I know we are Soul Sisters. I have spent a good part of the last year buying to fill the Black Hole of Grief! However, I do tend to pair yarn with patterns...

Then there is the delicious Knitting Retreat that I will be going on at the end of October. The theme this year: UFOs! So. I have a box organized with 4 UFOs in it -- typically, like yours, seams and button bands and such. My aim will be to finish, finish, finish -- and I'll have 3 lovely knitsy days in which to do so, in the company of other Kindred Spirits. It's up near Banff. Wanna come? ;-)

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Friday, September 09, 2005  

Yesterday was a no fiber day. I’m taking a few days off for Recreation - as in - Doing Things I Want To Do, not as in Rest Or You Will Drop Dead - nor as in Hurry - Lets Go Somewhere. Spring and fall are the most beautiful times of the year in Virginia and in the past I’ve made a point of having some time at home in my own house, to be. Not to do, just to be.

I didn’t even obsess about, much less pick up any of my fiber projects. I went to town and got a manicure, came home and tidied up the house so it would be a pleasant place to BE and then - I just was.

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