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I'm reading Room With a View too! I decided it was high time, and though I'm enjoying the listen (good old Audible), it does tend to verge on the silly. I agree with your take on the theme of personal courage, which is what is carrying the book for me. I read House of Mirth this summer, and I can't keep from thinking about the fate of Lily Bart as I listen to Mrs. Honeychurch complain to Lucy about her choices, or to Miss Bartlett as she feigns innocence. Verrry interesting.

Thanks for provoking my thoughts!

Jane [delurking}

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Friday, September 23, 2005  

One of the benefits of a Wednesday birthday is that by the time you're down from the party high, it's almost the weekend. Friday I have to work till 6, but we don't open up to the public till 1 so we have a somewhat casual morning. This week I will spend my morning with a software coach learning how to work the Quickbooks program that I thought I understood, but now can't make print checks.

This is good, since I woke at 2 and couldn't get back to sleep at all. Everything I tried failed. Reading? nothing. Meditation? nada. Visualizing - nope not that either. So I got up and paid bills - which didn't make me sleepy but it did empty the check book. Good thing I get a pay check today.

Of course, it's nigh on to 7 o'clock, now, so I'll probably get good and sleepy in the next half hour. Oh well.

BTW, I'm reading A Room With A View and having a difficult time slogging through it. I'm so picky these days about fiction. I probably should have read this when I was younger. I was a lot more romantic in my 30's. My taste runs to a bit more straightforward styles these days. The toughest thing about this book is keeping the Merchant-Ivory film version of it out of my mind while I'm reading it. While I adored the lush beauty of all the M/I films - their choice in actors, particularly the romantic male suitor roles, nearly always gave me the creeps. Nothing will ever convince me that Julian Sands could possibly have a romantic interest in either Lucy or Helena Bonham-Carter. Eh. There. They really are pretty movies. The book is very silly. But it does deal with solid human issues - particularly the issue of courage.

Not physical courage, but that inner strength that compels a person to look at the truth and then act upon it. Since I will be leading a book discussion on this I'm relieved I've found a useful nugget in among all the pin tucked handkerchief linen blouses and gored duck skirts.

Okay - BD is awake - I think I'll go natter with him about it.

posted by Bess | 6:32 AM