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How I oohed & aahed as I read of your week-end fiber frolic - good for you, sweets, to dive into all those great fibers. They sound yummy & I look forward to seeing them.

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Monday, September 19, 2005  

Just to prove this really is a knitting blog (though, it’s more of a diary and a little more an all purpose fiber blog) I thought I’d pop in with fibery updates in the life of TheQueen.

The great stash contemplation of the past few weeks has revealed at least one good thing: I really want all the stuff I’ve bought. There’s nothing in the piles and baskets and chests that I stare at in puzzlement, wondering what could I have been thinking of? Even the very first e-bay Wenslydale painted roving I bought has a future, and that was one thing I had serious doubts about. The effect of that knowledge - that I really did buy fibers and yarns I wanted - is that it answers the vaguely troublesome lurking question "Is TheQueen buying all this stuff because she’s trying to fill some emotional black hole?" It answers it with a firm "No" and that is a big relief.

This doesn’t mean I won’t give some of this stuff away, but it does mean there’s nothing I’ve been deliberately ignoring - possibly something Important that will sneak up Behind me and shout Gotcha!

I have been working away on the homework assignment for the Knitters Review Retreat class on Crochet for Knitters and I realized I need to make a revision. Students will have to come to the class with 3 swatches on which they will practice the techniques I want them to learn. The techniques they learn will turn the swatches into a Useful Object because I’ve observed that 99.99999999999999999999% of knitters hate to make swatches but they love to make Things. (I’m in the .00000000000000000001% group) But the really cool and (I think) really useful object I had in mind requires some moderately large swatches and even the most well intentioned student might show up in class without them. So I will shrink the swatches for the Useful part of Useful Object and give them a pattern for the More Useful Object that they can make when they get home - practicing the Useful Techniques they have learned in my Useful Class.

Of course, this means the homework I’d hoped to e-mail to Head Honcho of KR yesterday will not go out till tonight or tomorrow - but hey - the swatches are so much smaller it ought to balance out in the end, right?

I had a wonderful day of spinning yesterday. Filled the bobbin with beautiful alpaca blend and decided, since I had less than half the roving left I'd ply from a center pull ball. I wish I could remember to divide my rovings in half before I start spinning so I can ply from 2 bobbins - my preference. The alpaca yarn looks like it will knit up nicely on size 7 or 8 needles. I got 120 yards of it and there looks like about 1.5 oz of the roving left.

But after that I filled another bobbin with mohair singles. I bought this stuff 2 years ago at Md.S&W to make boucle and my hunch that mohair roving would be a fun preparation to work with turned out to be oh so right. I filled that bobbin in less than 2 hours!! It's spun way too tightly though, so I'm going to put it back on the wheel and spin it z a little to loosen it up before I go ahead with the thread part. I have two large spools of silk thread, one a burgundy and one a peach. This yarn is more of a pink than a peach - the color that all the magazines were calling Azalea in spring of ‘04. It’s the most pink I can wear and I bought a lot of it last year in both yarn and ready-wear because unusual colors never stay in vogue long and I like being able to wear some kind of pink now and then. So - I may use one of the silks or I may go buy something that matches better.

But whatever threads I use I promise this: I will be sure to use the boucle properly - not like I did with the blue hat disaster of last year. Either it goes into something that is supposed to flop down; a collar or cuffs, or it will be knit with some springy carry along wool. This stuff ain’t going in the failure basket.

And just think! I have a whole pound of undyed mohair top just waiting for color! Woo Woo.

posted by Bess | 7:46 AM