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4 Comments: purchases till after Christmas? As my beloved mother used to say, "And then another cow flew by!" ;-) Hugs, Marg

By Blogger Margaret, at 11:39 AM  

Naughty naughty - you are supposed to encourge me!

There is, of course, another option - I could open up a fiber shop.

By Blogger Bess, at 1:21 PM  

Sorry, can't support you in this one - I think that you should have whatever you want to have, and if that is more fiber, then more better.

Love you bunches!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 PM  

You can do it, Bess! I will purchase at the retreat, because I have a personal rule of buying at least one thing from every vendor there. And I bought cotton yarn for a sweater that needs to be made by January 1, 2006. It had to be cotton and I don't have that in my stash (some cotton sock yarn, but not enough for a sweater). But otherwise, yes, I agree. I have too much. The events of the past week are forcing into my head just how much I have, and how silly it is to want more. Having more won't make me happier, and I can do better things karmically with the space and money that would be occupied by further aquisitions.

So I'm behind you 127% on this.

By Blogger Amie, at 8:03 AM  

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005  

I’ve done stash inventory before. I’ve found it’s a good idea to do a reality check before the big festivals. After all, I don’t need yarn or wool for a 6th rust colored sweater. Last spring I sorted through all the spinable fibers I already own and actually found a gap to fill in my collection of Everything Anybody Might Ever Want To Own. You need not ask if I filled that gap - some things are just given.

Alas, all this massive fiber collection far outstrips the space I have to hold it in some orderly and retrievable fashion. What few Virgoan Librarian Instincts I have, and they are far outmatched by my Southern Think About It Tomorrow - At Tara Instincts, are outraged by the clutter of my den, with it’s tufts of plastic bags peeping from behind the bulging blanket chest, the 7 baskets stacked helter skelter on top of each other on top of the wardrobe crammed full of wool and yarn. We will not mention the two huge boxes - as in "big enough for your new computer" - with more fiber in them - because that’s the only thing I store in boxes big enough for your computer. I know some of it is corriedale roving and some is Polworth but I thought that was all in one box - so I am not sure what is in the other.

Of all the awful storage dilemmas I suffer from, the Where To Put The Circular Needles is my worst bugbear. I have never yet found the right storage container for those Medusas of the knitting world. They catch on everything, their cables bulge and blurge in all directions, tangling with all the other precariously tilting things on top of whatever piece of furniture they’ve managed to find. Couple their natural unwieldiness with my natural instinct to put it down instead of away and you have the makings of one enormous collection of circular needles. I’ve resisted needle rolls because they require you to always put your needles away when you are done with them, each size in its corresponding pocket. Since I suffer from the above mentioned PutItDown Syndrome, I don’t know what size needle I’m actually holding when I pick it up off the table in the living room or unthread it from that tangle of yarn beside my bed - since it obviously wasn’t knitting the project in which it was threaded. Of course, I could hang one of those little gauge thingies with the circular pocket thingy once I actually decide to put it away. Actually an easy solution, right? So. What’s my problem?

Ahh well. I have a vision you see. In my mind - yes yes I have a mind, albeit a quirky and lazy one. I see this block of wood, with little perfectly sized holes drilled into it that I can plunge my needle tip into, allowing the cable to arch up and out in fountain of circular needles - perhaps even on a turning lazy Susan type of mechanism so that I can swirl it around to find just the needle I’m looking for. Perhaps it’s cone shaped with the shorter needles on top and the longer ones around the bottom. Of course, then it would have to sit on one of the non-existent flat surfaces in my house - rather than hang on the wall (also a flat surface, but not horizontal).
That’s the trouble with fantasies and visions. Though they are needed to spur mankind to invention, they are often more desirable as visions than as reality. It’s just that I can actually see my hand putting that size 2 circ. away in it’s perfect little hole because that’s the only place it fits. It can’t be put away wrong because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. It’s amazing how much a size 7 looks like a size 9 when you’ve been knitting socks - and vice versa - when you’ve been knitting a sweater you will never be able to tell if those are 2’s or 3’s or maybe even 4’s. But if you had only the one option for putting a given sized needle away - then, at least, if it were put away, you would always be able to select the needle you wanted right then, when you wanted it, not later, when you had found that durn needle gauge, if you could find that durn needle gauge, and made sure.


Well. I am always surprised where my mental meanders take me. I had ment to rant about my overweening stash and I ended up yammering on about needle storage. While they are related, they don’t cover the important issue here - which is that I have too much fiber - too much yarn - too many unfinished projects. So much that, before I’d even finished sorting through it, I was sickened by my greed. There is a vow in here somewhere - a vow that includes absolutely 100%, not even a cent’s worth of fiber purchasing till I have performed some undecided, but measurable, amount of de-stashing. I had actually hoped that writing this down would push me closer to identifying the measure - it didn’t. But know this all ye Friends of Ye Queen - there will be No Fiber Purchases till after Christmas. Not for my birthday. Not at Montpelier. Not even at TheRetreat. Nada. None. Just letting y’all know. That’s all.

posted by Bess | 8:11 AM