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What a splendid b'day feast! I could just picture it as it sounds like a beautiful time was had by all.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005  

It was a perfect perfect birthday. I wish I could describe it all since 24 hours of joy is such a wonderful thing to contemplate. Alas, I haven’t either the skill or the time to do it justice. But know it was a splendid day full of gifts and hugs and loving words and the songs of happy hearts.

It was a splendid evening too. BD and I drove over to the YD’s house with 2 canine outriders, for Priss and Jack were sure that the YD's wouldn’t hold a party and not invite dogs. (I wasn’t so sure, but they were.) Priss, who has learned how to be a good guest while visiting a cat’s front yard, didn’t make a pest of herself. Jack, a little newer at this visiting stuff, was utterly fascinated with RufusTheCat, who showed off a little, but mostly kept his distance. There were a few moments when Jack lost his composure, but the watchful eyes of the adults kept him in line. The YD’s prepared a sumptuous meal, set out on the lawn in front of their house. Al fresco dining, complete with candlelight, beautiful dishes and magnificent food, is a new birthday format for us. We have always dined in restaurants, which is certainly lots of fun. But nothing could compare to the glory of last night’s birthday supper. The sky was a crystal clear blue which faded gently into the deep black of a star studded night blanket. Each dish was a delight, fish with almonds, curried acorn squash, - triumphant chocolate chocolate cake. I’m sure GD (with some help from LD) spent hours on this but it was all effortlessly spread out with elegant ease. I felt like a queen - hey - well - of course I did!

And now it is the day after and there won’t be another for a whole year. But the glow if this one ought to last just about 365 days. And it’s still September and today is the equinox, which means that even the weather dot com guys are ready to say it is autumn, and Cousin Cathey has a birthday in a few days and the fall fiber festival at Montpelier is only 9 days away. Sounds like there is still some celebration to do around here.

posted by Bess | 8:10 AM