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Saturday, September 24, 2005  

I am really ready for the weekend. It’s another restful one with minimal tasks, possible shopping and definite spinning. I want to get back to that mohair boucle on my spinning wheel. I am just ever so slightly thinking of going to F’burg for some knitting needles and some thread. But I can do the needle ordering on-line and a long stretch at home does sound sweet.

The week at work seemed slightly fractured, though punctuated with a great big happy birthday Wednesday. Happily, I finally wrapped my brain around the new software for bookkeeping and straightened up the bills which had been piling up and mounting and looming and threatening to give me nightmares. A big chunk of paperwork cleared off is a splendid way to end a work week. I actually cleared off my desk (instead of just shoving the heaps in the drawers) for the first time in months. Yippee. Won’t be so dreadful to go back to work on Monday, now.

I’m decidedly unliterary today so I shan’t continue trying to wrestle this entry into anything witty. Instead - I’ll go play with toys.

posted by Bess | 8:20 AM