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Can't wait to see your boucle yarn!


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Sunday, September 25, 2005  

Hooray for boucle

I finished the first ply - the scooched up one - and started on the second ply of my pretty mohair boucle yarn. That one goes very slowly because I want this to be an even yarn full of round loops. When I come to a stopping point, I wrap the mohair around the mother-of-all and the silk thread around the end of the bobbin support to keep the two threads from tangling. It means HeyBaby has to sit smack in the middle of the floor, a not insubstantial inconvenience for the other person living in this house, so I will try to finish up the entire bobbin full today. I’m thinking a chocolate brown sweater with a huge loopy boucle shawl collar and deep cuffs in warm azalea pink.

I’ll try to put a picture of it up tomorrow - though lately, while I’ve had no trouble loading pictures into the blogger database, I haven’t been able to post the durn things. This is because I depend on their software to do what it says it will do, not on my understanding of code to type in all the little squiggles, dots and dashes to make everything magically work. So - we shall do our best, yes?

Upper Tidewater Virginia is having a terrible drought right now - and it looks like we shall have a bare brown autumn. Fully one third of all the trees have turned yellow or brown and dropped their leaves. My yard would be a Zen garden if I were to rake up the leaves. Instead I’m leaving them on the ground so that even more dirt doesn’t get tracked into the house. This is a sad thing to watch - we just went through this 3 years ago - not just dry weather, but killing drought. I hope something happens before cold weather because we could lose trees if they go into freezing temperatures without enough water in their spongy little cells.

If I get lucky, though I will try a new agriculture trick I read about in the local paper. It was an article about not trying to fight wiregrass (the only thing left holding down the soil in my front yard) but pursuing it instead. They said to plant Bermuda grass, which is, essentially, a wiregrass, and overplant it with annual rye in the autumn. So - if it ever rains I’ll put in the annual rye and in springtime see what I can do with a bag of Bermuda grass seed. Wouldn’t it be thrilling if I could have a lawn instead of a sand box?

But - while it stays dry like this I will stick to fiber and spend the day making 100 yard balls of worsted weight yarn for my upcoming beginner knitting class and making azalea boucle yarn. Yep. That sounds like a plan.

posted by Bess | 8:50 AM