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Oh, I so know how you feel! I have dozens of projects started, and while I know I'm not a slow knitter by any real stretch, I don't understand why things never seem to really get finished... must be my lousy atten... How's the ankle?

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Oh, Bess! How alike we are in so many ways. You could be my brain talking to me. I'm going through some of the same quandries right now. I feel like a repository of useful, sometimes useless, information. And people come to me all the time for just the sort of thing you're talking about. But actual knitting, or completion of knitting projects, eludes me. I'm feeling ovewhelmed by the size of my stash, and I don't even have spinning to blame it on. But being a mentor has its merits. Someone brought me chocolate yesterday.

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On Ample Knitters, we have UFO night every Monday - we can only work on UFOs! Might this type of specified UFO night work for your Virgo-oriented neurons?


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Thursday, September 08, 2005  

Continued evidence that this is a knitting blog

And more chatter about my stash and What I Am Going To Do About It!
Which is mostly - use it up. One of the things I found in the HugePileOfUFO’s was a rather pretty sage green scarf, almost completed, knit in a very simple brioche stitch I found in a BW stitch book. It’s an easy 2 row repeat that makes a very deep rib, just perfect for the merino/silk handspun - my second "real" wheel spun yarn. I began knitting on it in October of 02, to have something easy and mindless to knit at the first KRRetreat - and never finished it. That is because scarves are so unspeakably boring to knit. The same old same old same old thing for 6 feet. There are many, utterly beautiful things I’d like to knit, but I have held off starting them because I dread the curse of boredom their size and repetitiveness promises. Shawls, especially circular ones that start in the middle and get bigger and bigger and bigger. Once, 100,000 years ago, when I was only 18, I began crocheting a ballet length circular skirt in a gorgeous pineapple pattern. It is somewhere, unfinished, likely unfinishable, hanging just below the knee with the last round of pineapples cut off at the half way point. Or perhaps I was wise and got rid of it. Who knows? And yet - I adore shawls, want one badly, and dream of beginning something Big and Lacy and Cuddly.

That scarf in the Scarf Style book that looks like needlepoint (the Tunisian stitch one? - don’t have the book here.) makes my mouth water and I sometimes tell myself I will make it. But I know better. I might be able to make a foot of those tiny multicolored stitches - but 6? Ha. Who am I kidding. I might, though - make a little purse in that stitch - or a glasses case.

Glasses! Ugh. I lost my newest pair yesterday. Lost as in kaput, not misplaced. They evidently slipped out of their soft case in the parking lot and were squished into a crumble of wire and plastic. I will have to order another pair today because the other pair in the right prescription has big white scuff marks smack in the middle.

But back to other things that I want to make but doubt my ability to complete. I would like one of those ab-fab type afghans. Ooooo. I lust for one of them and I could spin up the yarn for one without having to spend a penny. I have all sorts of fibers in the house, enough of it white so it could be dyed. I could. I think about it. I doubt I’ll ever do it.

I also think about making a Dale of Norway sweater. I think they are gorgeous. I enjoy stranded colorwork. But oh my - so many many little stitches. And so much money invested in the supplies. Just the thought of that much dormancy makes me sleepy. All I can say is, "not yet."

How I admire these prolific knitters - who seem to be everyone I know. Lounging confidently in their completed sweaters, whipping out their lovely hats, flinging their long scarves about their necks - not fun fur on size one million needles - but real scarves with ribs or dragon scales or yarn overs. Perhaps that is my role in the fiber world - the librarian role - the info-conduit - the one who shows you where to find the pattern and what those instructions mean, not the one who gets to actually make it up. Perhaps. Who can say. Today I don’t feel too definite about anything except that fiber brings me joy, no matter if I am playing with it or teaching about it or just admiring others projects. And that is a gift anyone should be happy with.

posted by Bess | 8:09 AM