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It's only Tuesday & I too feel that I am dithering away the week - drat, there is too much to be done.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005  

What started out as a little jaunt to the airport, yesterday, to pick up a friend who is also the daughter of a friend, ended up being an all day trip! The airport is about 1 hour from town, the plane was on-time and we got a parking spot in the garage right by the door. But it was 6 o’clock before I got home and alas, none of the other things I planned to do in town got done. Thank goodness Mr.Horoscope had warned me that this week would be the week of Dither. Of spinning wheels, moving nowhere, and frittering away time. I am to enjoy it and await the forward movement of Mercury come the weekend.

Marching beside my own inability to effect progress is an Internet server at the school which needs parts, (no public access at the library!), another server intended for me that is languishing in some Gateway warehouse out in computer land, and a hurricane off the coast that is wrecking havoc with the atmospheric pressure. My hands ache as if highway department vehicles have rolled over them. It may be that I don’t do much blogging this week - or even any knitting.

Usually technical issues or physical difficulties would put me in a blue mood, but curiously, they haven’t this time. Perhaps it is because I was prepared for what I think of as a “stupid” week. A dither week. A wheel sinning fritter week. A vacation!!

The joke is that I shan’t be taking the vacation - my assistant will be. She leaves tonight and doesn’t come back till Thursday next week. But her schedule shift means everyone else shifts too and in my case, a change is going to be something of a rest. I’ll work the circ desk a lot more than usual and all the office work can just wait for me. I’m rather looking forward to more time with the public and less with the bookkeeping. And this may be just what the aching hands are needing - a change - or even a rest.

No knitting content today.

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