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Friday, August 05, 2005  

There are some things that none of us like to think about, or talk about. Usually, these are not the things that we have no understanding of. They are the things we understand only too well yet feel intimidated or repelled by. The facts we don't want to face. The realities we would prefer not to acknowledge. When we hide from these, we place a superficial layer of polite calm over a raging torrent of urgency. The new planet, Xena, is now inviting you to be more real, more brave and more bold.

Thank you Mr. Horoscope. Don’t you know we’re Virgos? We don’t like to look at unseemly things? And I am from the south as well, where nice girls don’t talk about such things, (thank you Uncle Remus) unless the mint juleps have been around twice. Of course all this means that I am probably a roiling kettle of seething secrets that don’t get to see the light day nor hear the sound of chattering voices. Ahh well. Let us hope nothing particularly onerous is about to pop up on my horizon today. It is, after all, Friday and I am in the mood to slide.

All of yesterday’s errands could be handled in roughly the same part of town. L, my dear friend, is a library volunteer. She’s 87 and doesn’t know Richmond well enough to drive there and probably couldn't handle the traffic if she did. We both had appointments with the same doctor - one who used to have office hours down here in T-town. Those were scheduled for mid-morning and after that we slipped deeper into the west end for a stop at The Knitting Basket and lunch on Grove Ave. L is a long time, skillful knitter who doesn’t want any more sweaters or shawls or vests or hats. She knits for charity now, especially making little bags with sample sized shampoos and soaps in them, for our local women’s shelter. But she does have a granddaughter working in New York and she picked up 2 sale balls of something shiny and slinky to make a simple lacy scarf for a 21 year old in a fashion city. I bought a ball of guy colored sock yarn, because BD has only one pair of good socks, which he wears every time they get put back into his sock drawer. Poor orphan husband, like the cobbler’s child, he is the [almost] barefoot one. The guy color was important, because I'd started 2 pair of socks for him in interesting, but not blue yarn and he pursed his mouth over both of them in that shuddering way a man rejects hand made gifts from tender loving hands.

I know better now. It's blue socks for BD from now on.

I had 2 more appointments in the same neighborhood and I dropped L off at the Barnes & Nobel at Libbie & Broad while I finished up my chores. Then I made a quick dash through the store, jotting down titles of books that I think library patrons would like and scooping up the fall copy of Vogue Knitting - with the utterly glorious jacket designed by Annie Modeset on the cover. It’s really a stunning design - with the architectural wizardry I’ve come to expect from her. So far I haven’t tried any of her patterns because they all seem too complicated to me, but I love looking at what she comes up with. This particular issue has lots of other things in it I like too, so it’s well worth the purchase price. I’ve been rather more pleased with VK this year than I had been for a long time. Almost pleased enough to subscribe, but not quite. Besides, there’s something fun about going to a bookstore and coming out with a knitting magazine, even if it does cost twice as much as the subscription price.

In other reading news, I'm till slogging though HP, but I’m near the end, which I have already read anyway. It’s continues to be okay. There are 3 other books stacked by the bed that I really want to read as well as a dozen more littering the flat surfaces of my house. Will there be any reading time this weekend. Probably not - but at least the ankle is improving enough that come Monday I will start spinning up the warm green blend.

La. Even though it’s Friday, and I'd very much like to have it, I just realized I can’t have that kicked back what’s happen’n feeling today. Our computer classes have started back up again and I’ve got to be in town early to meet up with the car pool. The network priest is going to be at the library today too and in the afternoon there’s a director’s meeting. Looks like a day of scattered forces. Best be bold about it and stride bravely into the future. Thank you Xena, warrior princess planet.

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