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Here are some more well wishes for you. It's so good to have you back. Take it easy, just as the doctor says. Keyword: delegate.

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Bess, UltraSwim shampoo and conditioner are good for the chlorine can get them at Walgreens or Rite Aid or somewhere like that.

Ellen in KY (formerly WA)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005  

Thank you, dears, for the well wishes and sage advice. That first day back was tiring, though not quite exhausting. I was about 55% effective = by mid afternoon I was mostly just sitting at the circ desk clicking people in and scanning books out. The week looks fairly easy - a super week to clean off my desk - which is such a disaster I can’t seem to get started on it. But my my - wouldn’t it be great to begin my Birthday Month with an efficiently organized desk? Hmmm. It’s a thought.

Still severely limiting the keyboard use - and working hard on meditating when I wake in the night with age/work/virgo related worries. So far- good results. I also made it to the gym yesterday for a wonderful water work out - and alas, the faint reminder of chlorine in my hair. I have to find something to do about that - hopefully not something like a bathing cap and not made of plastic.

No fiber today because I am just knitting squares at the moment. I need dozens of them. I also realized that I have to revise my knitting class schedule a bit - thank goodness I hadn’t published it yet. But it goes into the paper next week and the week after and the first classes begin the end of September.

I’ve been riveted by the photos from New Orleans and saddened to hear of so many deaths. And along with the combination of horror and sympathy I feel, there still marches a certain thrilling love of the absolute enormity of nature’s power. What is it about the good, that it seems to need the contrast of the bad to be fully felt?

... and BD pulls Plato off the shelves and explains to TheQueen.

posted by Bess | 8:07 AM