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Saturday, August 06, 2005  

It's Saturday at last. I'm off to Richmond again - though it's not really Richmond, as BD loves to point out to me, but it involves driving through the city to do MoreChores and visit my folks. My sister is here from the west coast too, and we'll have lunch. BD is joining me on this trek because he has to lift HeavyThings for me. I might be able to lift stuff under ordinary circumstances but not when the ankle is still wobbling.

The YD's got home from their vacation and came to dinner last night. They were full of travel tales and mountain tales and wilderness tales and old friend stories. It's good to see them again, but it's even better to see them so animated. They are young and, unless unusual circumstances crop up, they do not get tired in quite the way we geezers do. But even youthful vigor needs a rest now and then and it looked like this vacation was just the thing.

There's been a bit of a break in the weather and now we have clouds and cooler air. This is August and there's a thrum of hurry hurry hurry echoing behind me. "If you're going to get that summer stuff done you better get a move on" it keeps telling me. We only this week got the porch cleaned - a job BD really has to do because it involves Clorox, to which I am allergic. The house now smells like a swimming pool. Lord give us a bit of breeze this weekend and blow this stuff away.

Okay - I am writing merely to be filling up space since I don't have anything to say, nor have I any inspiration to say nothing with wit and verve. So. I'm outta here. Be back tomorrow.

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