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Tuesday, August 09, 2005  

Fool fool fool that I am! How could I have such unguided hubris as to post anything in the KR Forum OT sections? I don’t even like to read them. If I hadn’t had those vivid HP dreams on Sunday night I am sure I wouldn’t have been so stupid. At least, I wouldn’t have written Bumbleore for Dumbledore. Idiot!

Well, there. We are never so humbled as when we fall from the boughs of an idea. Let us hope I have learned my lesson.

Among the other trivial bits about my life, I did let my dogs come in for a while, even though I just cleaned the carpets and we have a family reunion on Saturday. Who am I, to resist the pleading eyes of a little blonde puppy? The wicked heat of July has given way to plain old ordinary heat of August. Weather dot com says it will not rain on Saturday - happy thought - it has for the past 2 years. But I will be glad when the reunion has come and gone. I am not in a big party mood this year. I have Friday off - to prepare for it - and Monday off too, so that I can drive to Richmond and pick up a friend at the airport.

Tonight is Tuesday Night Knitters and several folk are bringing friends, so we may have a big group tonight. I hope so - it’s always fun to talk knitting. I have one Christmas sock to show for the month, plus the beginning of the P & P Christmas stocking and some handspun yarn. I have yet to work out a time-table for my fall classes. I had thought I’d do it at lunch yesterday but we had the computer network wizard in all day and I didn’t have access to my desk or my computer for big chunks of time. I will try to get the info to the parks & rec people this week, so it can be put in the paper before Labor Day.

Ooooo. Labor Day - yes! That great holiday that proves that Birthdays are coming. My big gift this year will be my sister, who is moving east, after decades of west coast living. She has an extremely nice man waiting here in Virginia for her. This is more than good - this is great.

And once again my ENFP brain has ricocheted off the topic and is now bouncing down the hallway. Must mean there isn’t really anything else to say. I shall go spin a bit, instead. Ta.

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