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The main advantage to the SBD website IMHO is the recipe database, which is extensive and has some realy good stuff. The book(s) have recipes but the cookbook is somewhat disappointing in that the recipes really are very South Beach - restaurant-y food and a bit frou-frou for every day. (Great if you want to impress people with how good "diet" food can be, of course.) I have a membership to the website (a big six bucks a month, I believe) mostly for the recipe section. If I'm ever organized enough to really sit down and print out all the ones that sound good I could drop the membership.

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Monday, July 04, 2005  

Yesterday’s anniversary luncheon was a happy treat. Another sister was able to join us and the final sister phoned while we were all at the house. It’s not really Mama and Dad’s anniversary - that is not till Wednesday, but this was the day most of us could all gather, and that is a rare enough occurrence as it is, with us living all over the place. Happiest of all is seeing daughter #3 with her enamorata - who is a prince of a guy - blooming so. She has been a staunch and brave woman for almost 49 years and seeing her find someone so nice, to help carry life’s burdens, is an absolutely beautiful sight.

I arrived home in the gentle early evening to find BD pouring excitedly over the South Beach Diet website - excited over the idea of using diet to change his heart issues. This is pretty cute because in some ways he is so utterly innocent about anything nutritious or edible other than salt and grease. Of course, he was disappointed to find these diet websites are all commercial, with just the hint of information about their Plans and Programs and, like some weird food porn site, if you want the real scoop/dirt you gotta pony up. The Weight Watcher's site is no different. BD is so naive about nutrition/health/body stuff. In part this is gender based, but to a much greater extent, it’s because he’s always been so very cerebral - to the point of being a cloud dweller. So at 60 he’s in body kindergarten - and everything is new. I assured him we have the book at the library and he need not shell out a website membership yet. I even offered to switch to that particular diet, for I know a few people who have fared remarkably well on it. The phase II of SBD is really the Core Plan on WW. Both are nutritionally sound and any diet that got him to stop trying to find the single food that he can eat exclusively, once a day, like some high octane auto fuel will be a godsend.

I dithered over my knitting all day, and finally cast on the 154 stitches for the back of Ljod. I really love that sweater - or perhaps I should say - I really wish I could look like the model in the photo of that sweater.
Everything about this silhouette is pleasing to me. But - and it’s a mighty big but - that woman is small breasted, slender with a long line from hip to ribcage. And she’s sitting with her legs spread to fan out the beautiful lines of the sweater, so that what you see is a flaring design on the hip that creates a graceful, complimentary angle sloping up the model’s entire body. I, on the pathetically other hand, am far wider at top, the line from shoulder to hip is quite the inverted triangle; a much squashed triangle at that, for I am unfashionably short waisted. In order to get a shoulder/bustline to fit me, I need the size that will create a hip circumference with 17 inches of ease, with the flare somewhere around the middle of my thighs. I had already planned to make the sweater shorter in the body to account for the absence of rib to hipbone inches, but I greatly fear the width at the hem will make this sweater look like a maternity top on me.


In my next life I plan to have one of those long bodies that never carry any weight.


In my next life I intend to petition for whatever Proportions of Perfection are deemed fashionable for the era to which I return!

There is a heck of a lot of knitting in that beautiful sweater. I would hate for it to look hideous on me when I am done. Alas - I foresee another Day of Dithering for TheQueen.

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