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Thursday, July 21, 2005  

What? Again no MAFA post? What is wrong with this blog?

Well, nothing but my week is crashed and crammed with stuff and I just can't seem to wrap my brain around my report. All my literary efforts are aimed at a puppet script of The Frog Prince which is to be performed on Tuesday. Lots of work for 10 minutes of literature.

Of course this would be the Budget Board Meeting week and since everyone was on vacation last week, including yrs. trly., we also had to have a budget committee meeting and of course Monday I had to spend reentering reality after the weekend in fiberdise. Now today I am driving down with BD to Virginia Beach - not to splash in the sand&sun but to loll around some medical establishment while he has more tests. Not necessarily serious but then - not not so either. When you have a physical every 27 years a whole lotta issues get revealed - things that would otherwise trickle out over the decades all get presented in one fell swoop.

I took photos of my yarn samples with a disposable camera but alas, tried to take close ups and the focus is so bad I won't post them. I do have some pix but I didn't get a chance to put them up yesterday so with a sigh and with fingers crossed I hint that I might get it up tomorrow afternoon - post with pix.

I'm grateful for this weekend - which is supposed to be abysmally hot - but I have one bobbin of Wall-0-Color singles, one thread full of golden seed beads and maybe - just maybe - I will have a fancy schmancy yarn to show for myself come Monday.

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