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I just finished your infomercial for MAFA. What a blast that must have been. Thanks for filling us in. Sorry I've been so quiet of late. It's just too hot to think or write in whole sentences, let alone do anything email worthy. It was great to see your smiling face.

By Blogger Larry, at 10:26 AM  

I loved you tale of your trip to Leesburg. You have triggered so many memories! I lived and worked in Warrenton from 1975 until 1983- pre by-pass time and the NORVA people were just coming in.. Now they want to commute all the way from Charlottesville--That is truly craziness!! in 1983 I moved to Va Beach!! Left there in 1996 and moved to the country-Southwest Virginia is getting filled up too!!Spinning retreats and seminars are the best! Good food, fiber and friends- Man can live on the 3 F's alone!!! I am now so looking forward to my next spinning reteat. Thanks for the memories and the anticipated future...

By Anonymous Lawre, at 11:13 AM  

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Saturday, July 23, 2005  

Saturday at last. It feels much longer than a week ago that I was sitting down to All-the-donuts-you-can-eat breakfast, stoking up the reserves to get me through a day of spinning against the effects of Jungian ADD. I am sure that combination of Virgoan guilt and ENFP distractibility is why I do so well making swatches. Swatches are Good. They are proof that you are DoingYourHomework. They are FinishedObjects in and of themselves. They are Learning Tools. They MakeYouBetterrrrrr. They mean it’s okay if you are a “look a bird” type because even you can finish a swatch before the ---- hey! Look! another bird.

What is sweet about this Saturday is that I have a day and a half in which nothing is planned. Like money in the bank, unplanned time is a rich treasure. I have about half a day of stuff I want to/must do - and I suddenly saw a way to do it all in my prime time, those few brief hours during which I can multi-task without tripping, and which is any time before noon. I have what I tell BD is a BYOOOOTEEE appointment (which means do not ask me about it) at 11:30, wherein youth will be restored, and the week’s grocery shopping to do, which can be done before the above mentioned half hour of deception, and I’d like to get in a visit to the gym. I am still carrying around MAFA calories. With careful planning I ought to be able to be home by 12:30, buff and byoooteeefied, with nothing on the agenda. But before any of that can be done I must go have sticker fun with the family reunion invitations - now 2 weeks late - how did I get this job? Little Helper Bee Me, I guess. Of course, they are probably now too late - since Mercury has gone into retrograde already. But Mr.Horoscope assures me that business does get done during this backwards time so I will smugly shrug my shoulders if any letters go astray. It is not my fault. Talk to Mercury if you have a complaint.

Isn’t it nice that envelopes, labels and stamps are all manufactured as stickers now?

(hey what? is this a knitting blog or what? - so knit 6 more rounds on the sock foot last night but no spinning)

posted by Bess | 7:30 AM