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I hate to admit to this, being an ecologist and all (and therefore, supposedly someone most susceptible to his charms), but I found Thoreau somewhat tiresome.

Perhaps the problem was that I didn't read him until I was over 30; I think his writing is very much more appreciated when you're less worn down by the bad old world, and still idealistic enough to think you can make big changes in it.

Mostly, he seemed awfully full of himself to me. And for someone who protested that he preferred solitude and self-reliance, he spent an awful lot of evenings chez Emerson, probably eating their good food and drinking their good wine and all along congratulating himself on how he "didn't need anybody"

I know that sounds cynical, but Aldo Leopold moved me a whole lot more than Thoreau ever did.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005  

Only 3 days till I leave for MAFA and there’s such a lot to be done between now and then. I have to have all the family reunion letters printed, stuffed stamped and in the mail. I have to have the board budget completed for the budget meeting on the 19th, and the board minutes and my own report typed and mailed out for the full meeting the 20th. Some trifling paperwork for the state has to be in this week as well. Oh and yes - we need some sort of script for the puppet show on the 26th.

But the really important thing I must do between now and Friday is to practice my spinning and gather all the stuff I’m supposed to take with me. Extra bobbins (sheesh! Better empty some). Extra drive bands. Lazy Kate. Cards. I don’t have combs, though I do have a good dog comb that can straighten out tangles. The bag of Priss fur and the bag of that other dog fur I got so long ago I forgot I had it. Hmmm. I best go over the paperwork MAFA sent and see if I need anything else.

I had some of the green mohair/wool blend I bought at MSW on the wheel and I plied it up last night. I have the glimmer of an idea for this bag-o-wool - a sort of Joseph’s coat in freeform knitting of yarns spun in several techniques. After looking at the yarn this fiber became, though, I believe I’ll need to spin some yarn in smoother fibers to knit into this project. No matter what technique I use on this fiber, there will be lots of fuzzy texture to it. It’s in carded bats and there’s enough garnetting of small bits of different colors in it to guarantee texture in the resulting yarns. I am sure I’ll want some smoother stuff to frame the different colors. In fact - I think either mohair top or silk would be a good choice. And I swear - this stuff simply begs for beads. Well. Musings, yes. Glimmery thoughts.

Yesterday’s reading from the Harvard Classics was from the American astronomer Simon Newcomb’s piece The Extent of the Universe. Mathematicians’ prose is often difficult to follow and his is no exception. In addition, astronomical writing that is 100 years old, and in particular, the most recent 100 years, is riddled with factual errors. But his explanation of parallax was very good - certainly clear enough for this lazy mind to see through. Today’s selection is Thoreau, Thoreau, America’s Rousseau - and as such - someone I’ve always avoided. Odd, you might say, that the Little Girl In the Little House in the Big Woods would avoid the most famous of our nature lovers - but there you have it. I am sure I read something of his in school because we were made to - but I can’t remember a word of it. In the past, I was too jealous of my own ideas, feelings, and thoughts, to have them colored by The Original Simple Lifer. It may be that, at last, I am old enough to appreciate him.

The YD’s were by last night, full of happy talk about their weekend camping trip. There is a Family Event coming up this weekend too - one I will miss, without regret - but it’s been decided that BD will drive me to Leesburg on Friday so he can have the car for the weekend. It means he also has to drive up on Sunday to get me, but hey - that’s a gorgeous drive. Of course, he could always take the truck to Baltimore. It’s hard to decide if 3 long trips in a compact car would burn up more or less gas than one trip in the car and one in the truck, but the car is more comfortable and I am always glad to find someone who will drive me.

I am still grumbling in my heart about the debacle of yesterday’s post. On my computer, with a poky dial-up connection, when I am in blogger the cursor jerks and jumps around so badly I have difficulty controlling the things I highlight. Evidently I clicked and deleted the first half of that post - the really good part - the part that got away. Yesterday I was particularly rushed by the time I got ready to post - a not uncommon problem. The time issue is why there are often grammar or spelling or typo errors. It’s also why I haven’t cleaned up all the stuff on the sidebars. I don’t see any solution to this either. Fortunately, none of this is all that sad because - it is just a blog, fer cryin’ out loud. I will always have something else to say tomorrow - even if I’m not at Tara.

So - off to start Tuesday - in the muggy humid south.

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