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Saturday, July 02, 2005  

One of the reasons I fell in love with BD, oh those many years ago, was his bounding passion combined with the ability to stick with a project to the end. Those twin streams coursing through his veins have created a life that matters - with the boldness to be himself instead of what someone else might want him to be. At times that someone has been me and over the years I have won some and lost some. He is a wordsmith and even when he intends to change his mind, he insists on being talked into it; I am sure, for the sheer love of language. I’ve honed my speaking skills over 34 years.

This is a man who wants things to be real and true and to matter. He reads the Declaration of Independence on the 4th to our assembled guests - or invites their children to stand up and read it, since that's why we celebrate this day. No empty holidays for him. No blow-out 4th shopping sprees. No driving, even. His heart yearns to honor the idea behind the day, not just the vacation from work. He is abysmal at small talk and couldn’t engage in lively banter if his life depended on it. But give him something he believes in and an opportunity to speak and he knows no fear about speaking his heart or his mind. This bravery is a fine shield I frequently duck behind when danger threatens. Alas, his hyperbolic exaggeration sometimes throws more stones in his path than almost anyone else would want to step over, but he is an Aries - one ought not be surprised, and this one is not. Especially when, over this particular political issue he and I are in complete accord.

Sadly, he is in no mood to celebrate the Birthday of the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free this weekend and has begun calling all our Monday guests to tell them not to come. I haven’t the heart or desire to argue with him about it either. My own reaction to political knife prods is very much like the woolly bear caterpillar - curl up into a ball and present my unappetizing bristles while covering my soft underbelly. What with BD not wanting to have company to celebrate the 4th and me not wanting to think about it Till Tomorrow, at Tara it looks like a quiet weekend.

Besides - this is what the stars have on offer:

Before I go I want to mention that July 1-3 should be a sparkling weekend for romance, for Uranus, now based in your relationship sector, will reach out to the Sun in a very positive, affirming way. If you are in a committed alliance you will have the edge over single Virgos.
I can do that.

In other starry news I am supposed to work my A$$ off till the end of the month when I am supposed to lay back and play with friends - who should pour out of the woodwork after a long spell of keeping their distance. Or perhaps it is I who have kept my distance. Whatever - I am to be Little Miss Social Butterfly for a while.

Hmmm. I can do that too.

In fact, as a bit of foreshadowing, I took off yesterday afternoon (after working my *ahem* off all morning and through lunch) to go on a yarn shop hunt with B. She is my temporarily paused WW buddy - she’s feeling stale with our meetings and is trying one nearer her home. We’d heard about a shop in Irvington - 40(?)miles from T-town - and finally decided to check it out. It’s actually called the Bay Harbor T-shirt Shop and Yarn. I swear it - that’s it’s name. And Irvington is a very high dollar retirement town on the lower Rappahannock. It has a super farmer’s market and maybe a dozen darling little shops where you could drop big bucks if you wanted to. Or not. It’s definitely a place to buy $3.95 Frapuchinos. Maybe you can get coffee Slurpees at the 7-11 in Tappahannock, probably for the same price, but I don’t care to drink my calories - so I am not sure. But you get the picture. And the T-shirt shop ladies, lifelong knitters, decided the time was ripe for a LYS east of Richmond and added yarn to their stock. Now that’s the bulk of their merchandise, most of it novelty yarn, but not all. And weren't we the lucky ones? Yesterday they had all their yarn on sale for 25% off up to $100 and over that - 50%.

You will be glad to know that, while I may not have any knitting or spinning ambition these days, I can summon up Shopping Creativity and together B and I popped for enough Lavold Silky Wool (and the book) to knit up Ljod for $35 each!! Not that I needed more yarn. But it would be stupid to not buy something I’ve lusted over for nigh on to 2 years, at half price no less - just because I didn’t need it. It was an act of faith. Belief that I will soon break through the miasma of ennui and begin to create again. For I agree with E, in yesterday’s comments, that the biggest part of my deep wallow in the Slough of Despond is a result of spiritual exhaustion and after the next 3 more weeks of breakneck Dooty Foolfillment I will take a long emotional rest surrounded by love. The stars will force it on me, no?

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