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Oh Bess, do redecorate! I am priming up to convert my never-used living room into my "studio" when my son moves his stuff out in September and I can give some things to him/shift others around. I am so excited! Why don't you join me? We can do long-distance home deco planning together -- two sweet Virgos with great ideas! ;-)

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She-who-remains-blogless has the combs and an extra gift for you.

Have fun this weekend, dearest, please - HAVE FUN. Don't stress, don't worry, just remember that you are beautiful at what you do, and you are beautiful at who you are, and cherish the opportunity to have fun with people you love, doing what you love.

(Man, that sounds quite maudlin, but it really is just me wishing you absolute joy and relaxation after a long summer)

By Blogger Amie, at 2:29 PM  

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Thursday, July 14, 2005  

No spinning yet. Nope. Nada. None. Ahh well. Often my best laid plans are mere puffs of smoke. The good news is that I have half of the VeryImportantThingsWhichMustBeDone ticked off the list. I have this one day today to finish it all up. I reeeeeealy want to go to the gym at lunch and I’ve invited the YD’s for dinner tonight, so I shall have to clip along steadily today if I want to HaveItAll.

I am no longer so worried about my rusty spinning technique. It will de-rust as I move through the weekend and besides, I am already enthused again by my huge bag of colors and my Joseph’s Coat plans. The scales will all flake away soon enough. Even Mr. Horoscope is promising that I am almost at the summit and need only keep trudging steadily upwards before everything opens out into broad vistas and smooth easy strides - or nice long draws, to use more of a spinning metaphor.

It’s as muggy and wet as it’s possible to be without actual rain falling from the sky. We’d had a bit of a dry weather in late June so the wet is welcome, but in my house it tends to help the mold grow. Every day I ask BD to clorox the back porch - an annual spring chore. Every day he says “sure, honey” and of course, every day he doesn’t. So we haven’t used the porch all summer. It is now mid-July. Something is wrong with this picture.

Both of us are starting to talk about being in the mood to think about doing some things to the house. I think that’s sort of cute, really, since we are also both the type to get house things in place and leave them there ForEverLikePawpawDidIt. At least, BD wants everything to be like his ancestors did it and I am too lazy to move things. Honestly. The furniture in my house has been in the same position since 1981. We both of us tend to think ship’s cabins rather than houses.

So in the future perhaps you will be treated to verbose descriptions of Home Redecorating. Or maybe you’ll just get to hear about the meanderings of idle minds thinking about getting into the mood to contemplate......

posted by Bess | 6:59 AM