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Congratulations to your Mom and Dad. I understand what you are going through with BD. I am also having to be the calm spirit for D.We love you two and hope your Monday will be that of love, reflection and piece.

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Oop's...I meant ..."peace". Yep, I had to be thinking "piece of cake", "piece of Pie".

Your goofy friend,

By Anonymous Patti, at 11:13 PM  

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Sunday, July 03, 2005  

"Imagine 3-D TV hooked up to the Net," Mr. Mapes says. "I'm in California having shared experiences with friends in Indonesia. Forging deeper connections with people anywhere in the world will be one of the key factors in creating a true global village."

''How do you reconcile the glaring paradox of an ostensibly fossil-fuel-free development that requires tremendous amounts of fossil fuels to transport visitors to the site?'' asks Ashok Gupta, an energy economist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. Moreover, there is something eerily postmodern, even postenvironmental, about the whole of Congel's project: the mega-mall is located on the fringes of the Adirondacks, but visitors will experience only virtual meadows, faux ponds, a river replica and a five-story imitation of a mountain peak.

Well - is it any wonder that we can have a 4th of July blow out celebration sale-a-thon while the Supreme Court quietly relegates us to serfdom with it’s June 23rd ruling that any conceivable economic benefit to a government, ergo the public, is justification for taking someone’s private property. If I claim that I will add a porch to the back of your house, thereby raising the property tax generated from that home, I can petition my local government to force you to sell it to me at its assessed value. After all, the public will benefit from the increased revenues of the raised property tax. Besides, it [might be] is For The Children!!!!!!! What wouldn’t Vladimir Lenin have given for such a passive revolution?

Besides, why should you care? You don’t need a real home. Any place where a carbon based ambulatory biped can be corralled will be good enough. You won’t care. You’ll be imagining you’re at that great virtual reality mall in your brain and, depending on the age/gender distinction, either hunkering down on the gridline, purchasing Virtual Virsaces or defeating The Joker in 3-D multi-pixells. Who needs a house?

I’m just glad I don’t have to raise a little school child right now. It would be mighty hard to keep the cynic out of my voice.

Well. It’s rare when TheQueen talks about government or political theory. That is because mostly She is interested in human nature and how its effects on others affects the life of TheQueen. I have no problem admitting I am enormously self-interested. All the social engineers are too, those folk who want to make the world Better for Others and World Peace. It’s just that they feel less guilt when claiming what they want to do is For Your Own Good instead of admitting they either Want It Their Way or they get a power rush out of controlling others. I have yet to meet or accept the biographical claims of a real altruist. I also have complete belief that there are people, motivated by self interest, who’s actions create a better world. This does not seem wrong to me. I have no quarrel with people wanting to profit from their efforts. I grow weary of the cant needed to sop up guilt about individual benefit that so many people with good ideas and a willingness to work hard seem to need, but I can tolerate quite a lot of it, if I can see the truth beneath the apology. I even understand how someone can advocate having it both ways. That simple life of the Little House in the Big Woods still lingers in my heart all the while I am posting my opinions on an Internet Blog!! If I really were up against the wall, and had to choose, I would take the life of scrabbling for food that was the pioneer girl’s over the space age virtuality of the Internet.

We are, after all, complex, and, perhaps, even flawed, beings.

But sooner or later we have to pick our battles, even we woolly bear caterpillars. Fortunately, I have a partner who is willing to shoulder the bulk of this burden, but I will be the Pack Mule of Protest for him - and the sounding board. And in my spare time I will knit.

Silky wool.

Only a swatch so far, and that done with the wrong size needle. Both the ball band and the pattern call for 22 over 4 inches using #6 needles. I stupidly used the #4 needle (the ribbing one) for the swatch and got 23.5 st. over 4 inches, but a simply lovely fabric. Trying with the #6 needle hit gauge right on target but I don’t care as much for the fabric it created. Just a little too holey.

So now the question is:

Do I knit up the sweater with the smaller needle, so as to get the fabric I like, and knit the larger pattern size hoping it will sort of fit?


Do I knit the sweater according to pattern, to gauge, and pretend I don’t think the fabric looks a little sleazy?


Do I knit up the sweater with the smaller needle and the size I would otherwise have chosen, in the (vain?) hopes that by the time the sweater is finished (2008) I will have returned to my WW goal and be small enough to wear whatever size it becomes?

Ha! What would you chose?

Today I go to Richmond to celebrate my parents 59th anniversary with them and my sister & her man. This will be a sweet interlude.

posted by Bess | 7:33 AM