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Welcome home, love. I was with you in spirit (read: I'M SO JEALOUS!!!)


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Monday, July 18, 2005  

I'm back - it was fabulous and I'll give a full report as soon as I have a few photos ready - probably Wednesday.

But the quick and dirty list of goodies achieved includes:

Reuniting with beloved friends
Meeting new ones
Reassuring myself that I do have some skills
Recharging inspirational batteries
Learning new techniques
Being bold enough to try things I'd been too chicken to do before
Buying a hand painted silk that makes my mouth water
Finding out about a new store that is going to teach a weaving technique I want to learn - badly.
Getting back home again

Yep Yep sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

Wise one that I am, I have today off - it will make the rest of the week a bit rushed and hurried but it will be worth it to be able to linger over the gifts of the weekend a few more hours.

Summer has glommed onto us with wicked vengeance. It’s hot, sticky, stormy and gritty down at the end of the dirt lane. Too hot to knit - but not to hot to practice that long draw technique.

Capt. Jack grew 3 inches! Photos this week. I promise. I mean it.

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