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Friday, July 15, 2005  

I got almost all of it done and what I didn’t accomplish, I managed to rationalize/reason into being of less importance. The big unfinished project was getting the notices out about the family reunion in August. I’ve always tried to get them out 4-6 weeks ahead of the event. But fer cryin’ out loud - this will be the 152nd year of this reunion and it has been on the 2nd Saturday in August since what? 1943? Yeah. I can finish labeling those envelopes next week. I also wanted to get a book order in before I left but that too can wait. Everything else can be done the first 2 hours of Tuesday and I left a little list on my desk reminding me to do them first thing.

So now it’s off to the bucolic splendors of Leesburg, VA - a very pretty, very expensive little Virginia Horse Country town. It’s the sort of place I always tell myself I’m going to come back to - walk around - meander through the shops. I never seem to do it though. It’s just far enough away to forget about, till I hear it mentioned again. Besides, Hunt Country Yarns is between here and there and Middleburg is another very pretty, very expensive little Virginia Horse Country town.

And Mr. Horoscope says (as I am about to go to a fiber conference with vendors) I still have to “appease the great god of Money”, but that my efforts will be rewarded. So - does that mean don’t buy anything at the market? rats. Well. I am taking only a little cash, but also the credit card. And I have looked over my stash(es) to remind myself of that concept “restraint”.

Now it is off to pack. A report on Monday.

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