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Sunday, July 24, 2005  

Blessed coolness wafts through the window on fairy feet, changing the world from something to endure into something in which to revel. Sweet, soft gentle coolness. It’s just a brief pause in the relentless heat that is expected to crash back down upon us come Monday, but we can worry about that tomorrow - at Tara, where I am sure it is even hotter - being hundreds of miles further south than my little spot on The Rivah. After all, I will be a little south, since tomorrow I am going with BH to Williamsburg to celebrate her birthday. Unless we decide to go somewhere else. Whatever we do it shall be done together. She has been extraordinarily busy the past few months, while I have been extraordinarily moody, internal and gloomy. That combination has left us with only quick phone calls and even quicker hugs, just to make sure that the other is still breathing. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a girly girl day.

And yesterday wasn’t so bad either - I got the essential chores done (hair, shopping, and most of the family reunion invitations mailed), missed out on the exercise (got to stop doing that - why can’t I make gym stops an essential!!?) and got in some great spinning, both on wheel and spindle. I’m determined to have a knitted project, no matter how small, from spindle spun wool. I have about 3 oz of very pretty color blended merino top, just enough to spin fine and make a little lacy thing - maybe lace cuffs for some socks or mittens. (Hmmm. I really like the idea of lacy sock cuffs....) and I am spinning it on the Golding. In the past I have not been very good at filling a spindle, though. It gets just so full, then I decide I want to start spinning a little something else and I wind off the yarn, sometimes wisely storing it, sometimes tangling it into a disaster that has to be thrown away, sometimes storing it but then losing it - EEEK! That’s what sort of housekeeper I am. Distractible.

I do have some yarn spun on the little Bosworth spindle that I plan to knit into interesting socks. I just don't have enough of it yet. I have lots of plans, of course; a whole brain-drawer full of them. I make a great idea generator - just so long as I don’t have to be a completion finalizer.

Nevertheless, I do like to finish things and when I really want something to get finished, done, made, completed... I have to put together a schedule. It’s the tool I taught teen aged LD so he could manage long projects at school. When he had an assignment that covered more than one week I showed him how to take a calendar and write down what he was going to do each day between then and the due date, to be sure he finished the project. Even if he was going to do nothing on a particular day, he was to decide to do nothing, not just drift into doing nothing. It taught him to estimate time, to get a grasp of how much work was going to be required, and to be aware of what needed to be started early in order to be able to take intermediate actions. Of course, he was a better student than I, but then, nobody ever taught me how to do that. He learned early, and then, he’s a Taurus and an ENTJ so clear paths to solutions are his idea of heaven. He was an eager pupil.

Alas - I am far less able to actually fulfill my structured, planned schedules, but I can at least see what needs to be done in order to reach my goal and from time to time I actually do get there; sometimes with a little slipping and sliding towards the end, but an arrival occurs. Today I want to map out the Wall-0-Color project. I’m about to start plying my two bobbins of the first colorway. This is an autumnal green stirred with bonfire reds and oranges. At the moment I’m thinking I will spin a different color every week. I’m not sure if I want to set a goal of two bobbins worth plied, or if I will ply whatever I have spun at the end of the week. The latter might be both easier to actually accomplish, as well as more fun and stimulating to do. It will focus my efforts on process, which is more soothing to me (inveterate sampler that I am) than product. Since this garment is going to be a multicolored piece, small lengths of yarn won’t be irritating - I’d be breaking the yarns off anyway each time I came to a color change. I haven’t decided if I want a crazy quilt effect, a random effect or stripes. I know I want a swing coat with loose sleeves, but fitted shoulders. This means a triangular shape. I had a sewing pattern from the mid-80’s that might work for this garment, but I am not sure if I didn’t pitch it in a fit of organizational frenzy one year. I’ll check today. It was a stunning garment, sewn up in a loose boucle weave that hung like a knit fabric.

Anyway - today I’ll map out a schedule and see what I could accomplish between now and next spring. Deep in my little heart is the desire to enter this into the MS&W show - quite admittedly inspired by the very first MS&W show I attended, when someone had spun and knit a fabulous coat in multiple fibers/yarns/patches. It was blue, of course, which is always going to be the winning color, and as I recall, the patches were squares - which don’t excite me. I am too round a woman to wear square shapes - at least, to wear lots of square shapes. And I am not ever going to make a big project like this for someone besides me, or at the very furthest, GD or or some future GRandDaughter.

So the project shan’t be squares and it shan’t be blue. But it will still be magnificent.

Oh the hubris of typing that! I can already hear Athena smirking and saying “we’ll see about that, miss smarty pants." I better go sacrifice to the goddess. Hmmm. Maybe if I give her all the credit ... what do you think?

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