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Hi Bess,
Sundays are for rest, why are you cleaning the kitchen? Love your comments on KR today,

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Sunday, July 31, 2005  

The bio-hazard that was my kitchen has been detoxed, like some culinary Love Canal, after the bulldozers have been through. Things still look a little raw, the crumbling of the environment around the edges, those parts that had looked pretty good (top of refrigerator, shelves over the doorway) when compared to the scum of disaster in the middle, now have that shabby look of the neighborhood that didn’t get federal funding. But a gentle swipe with broom, dust cloth and WetOnes will put them aright and my kitchen will be ready for company. The kitchen is ready for company.

P did come, in spite of the pouring rain, and, being the easy friend she is, had no trouble sitting in a chair in the doorway talking while I emptied drawers and scrubbed down shelves. She is not a fiber woman, she’s a food maven, but she was all full of a documentary she’d seen about this Alaskan village that was raising musk ox and spinning their fur and had I ever heard of it. Thanks to A I could not only tell her but show her some quiviut, which got me pulling all my pretties out, including the bag of Wall-0-Color fibers.

Later I got some Actual Spinning done - but I shan’t have more than one bobbin full of the red - perhaps 50 yards. Still and all - I don’t need more than 50 yards of it. Plying goes pretty fast. Perhaps I’ll push the hour back to 3 instead of noon. Perhaps I’ll let myself pick the new color any time after the plying is done up - as in, later today. Then again, perhaps not. We’re going to my god daughter’s birthday cake celebration at 6. Well - this scheduling of spinning is a newish thing for me. Only time will tell if it turns out to be both successful and fun.

Damp and cool today, here along the river shore.

posted by Bess | 9:03 AM