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Sending lots of healing light & love to you. May you be feeling better on every level ASAP.
Ditto to Shelia too!
Glad, Bess, that the furry canine threesome are watching over you. Take good care & feel better.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005  

You darlings! Thank you for your warm loving wishes. Sheila - I am soooo sorry you have a staff infection. Nobody lets you be cranky and weepy over infections but everybody lets you be so when it has to do with the the dread Female Problems. “It’s H[ormone] cells.” they whisper. “You know....” Amy, you devil - I will too drive all the way up to the land of Yankees, I will, I will. Jane? Lissa? hugs right back to ya - and yes yes. I will pamper myself.

In fact, this lolling about stuff is great! I never even put any clothes on till about 3 o’clock, when I finally put down my paperback novel and wandered into the shower to wash the Banana Mint Hair Masque out of my hair. Capt. Jack kept me company all day, along with Aunt Socks. Aunt Priss stood guard at the open front door so I could walk around naked with impunity. Never did get around to doing anything except to read blogs, eat lunch, eat snacks, and sleep. The Darvoset(t?) left me feeling pretty normal, just a twinge now and then, and I often thought about walking out to get the mail, but never did get around to it till BD got home from the city.

Of course, by the time I discovered that I’d walked too far, I was already on my way back home. Thank Goodness, GD drove up just as I was trying to decide if it was better to sit and rest, but then have to get back up and walk another half mile, or to grit my teeth and struggle on home. Instead, I was not only driven home but the sweetheart even cooked dinner - a job which would have left me in tears if I’d had to do it myself.

Of course everything leaves me in tears right now but fortunately they aren’t connected to any thoughts. Usually I can find all sorts of reasons why I have not been good enough and ought to cry about things. After all, I am a Virgo and a champion fault finder. This time I just cry. And then I stop. And usually after that I just laugh. Weird. Chemistry!

Today looks like more of the same, only BD is home and we can read to each other - unless he gets the boat in the water. It’s been out since The Heart Attack and it feels so strange for him to be without a boat. Oh - the canoe is in the water, but first he couldn’t paddle it because he wasn’t supposed to lift anything and now I can’t paddle it because I’m not supposed to lift anything.

And since it is dry and mild I think I will see if I can finish that roll brim hat - so that this will continue to be a real knitting blog. Of course, we all know it’s not - it’s just an opportunity for me to talk about me. Still - talk about me ought to include some fiber and let us hope tomorrow’s post shall.

posted by Bess | 8:35 AM