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Ohhhh! I love the Brother Cadfael series. My parents and I watched them a few years ago when they were originally showing them on PBS. I too adore Hugh Beringer, and consider Sean Pertwee the TRUE HB. :) I most recently saw him in Equilibrium - which as you said is a somewhat obscure sci-fi/action flick. It's got a very interesting story to it and I enjoyed it immensely.

Now that I think of it, I run (well, now it's more like "help run" as I've turned much of it over to co-moderators) a Yahoo Group devoted to Cadfael, at - they've done a good job of keeping the discussion going lately. We'd be happy to have you there! :D

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Sunday, June 26, 2005  

Yes, dearies, it is wonderful to feel the stress lift. The quickest way to lose weight, huh?

Of course - I ought never to make vows that get printed because, of course, I forgot to get the film out of the camera bag so I have nothing cute to post here today. Fortunately I didn’t post my other "vow" which was more of a deep hope - that I would finish up the last of the baby booties and pack them all up to ship out on Monday. I didn’t do anything, in fact, but I have today to (maybe) do so. The boy D’s are supposed to go off in the boat today. That should mean a morning of knitting for me. Only one of these babies has actually joined us at the table, but the other two are immanent.

What I did do was to come home starved, fix an early dinner, and watch Brother Cadfael videos with the boy D’s. We’ve seen them all once, and they are splendidly done. The first series has one of my favorite obscure British actors, Sean Pertwee - whose career has mostly consisted of equally obscure sci-fi flicks. His father, Jon Pertwee, was Dr. Who in the early 70’s, so obscurity and cultism runs in the family. My sister had a crush on the doctor but I am in love with Hugh Beringer. (Evidently a predilection for Obscure British Actors runs in our family.) And none of the actors who took the role of HB in later BC videos lived up to the original.

We hear GreatNews from A who is home, healing, and celebrating her release from the hospital. Since this looks to be the Year of the Doctor for so many of us - it’s a good thing there are so many good ones out there. I have a healthy skepticism about the priesthood of medicine, and I am still a little resentful that we don’t have those happy beeping Star Trek Tricoders, but I am mighty glad for the technology we do have.

So - since I have only one day this weekend to goof off - I believe I shall go goof of some.

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