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Does this mean that on June 26th we should expect more Pioneer Bess updates, and also additions to Things About You??? :D

hugs to you and all the darlings, furry or fleshed!

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Sunday, June 05, 2005  

So now I am finally sitting here with only 2 chores which MustBeDoneToday, a plethora of Important Topics available and time to expound on them. I could flow on about the barren literary waste that is today’s movie and television desert. I might connect with you over our mutual loss of acoustical percussion in popular music or wax joyful over the wealth of LYS (s) out there. Then, there are the wonders of Exploring Nature and the pleasures of friends and families to expound upon. All this wealth of opportunity for Opinions!

So, where is my scintillating wit, my flow of trenchantly wise verbiage? Alas, I suspect it has gone where a goodly number of blogger’s wit has flown. I notice that several of my favorite bloggers have been posting less and less. In some cases, I know the reason why - travel, new baby preparations, business claims. I hope for others there are deliciously glamorous or deeply satisfying reasons for the silence. But in my own case, I blame it on the stars - or rather, the planets.

“This is the last full month of Saturn in Cancer for the next 30 years. No matter what your sign, look at where you’ve felt weighed down with burdens and responsibilities over the past two years. Consider where you’ve made slow and steady growth thanks to plain old hard work during that time. Think about where you‘ve managed to ‘get real’ since 2003.
Then thank Saturn, the Lord of hard work, enduring results and reality checks.
At the end of this month, on June 26, Saturn gets a kiss from Venus, just before he prepares to head off for Leo. For many, hard work is about to start paying off and heavy loads are about to become a whole lot lighter.”

Well. Isn’t that interesting - because the past two years really have been demanding. Of course, a year is a long time and among all those many days, there have been the few which were relaxing, soothing and restorative. But in the main, since August 19, 2003, I have faced some of the most challenging issues in my life. I am comfortable with the idea that I'm a fairly insignificant speck in the universe, so the thought that anything in my life would be Important or Demanding is a little ludicrous, but of course, every one of us is the queen (or king) in her (or his) world. I can’t even claim that I have worked hard for 2 years. I feel rather more as if I have just hung on tight. But the idea of life easing off is very very sweet.

Of course that is merely the promise. At the moment I still see Tons-O-Work up ahead. (including balancing that danged check book that I share with Mr.NeverWritesItDown) I’d best cling tightly to this other bit-o-advice.

With Jupiter so active this month amid the Saturn vibe (including a Capricorn Full Moon) perhaps the ideal quote for June is this classic from Lao-Tzu:
If one remains as careful at the end as (s)he was at the beginning, there will be no failure.

I seriously doubt there will ever come a time when I don’t have opinions nor be desirous of expressing them, though. So after a wee bit more of Doooing my Dooty I am sure I will be back with delightfully witty, soul shifting, inspirational posts. And maybe even some knitting content!

Oh! Wait! Real knitting content! The booties are from Melanie Fallick’s book Knitting for Baby. It’s so simple and so portable. And knit in sock yarn it becomes that wonderful thing: a washable wool baby gift!

And there is that alpaca silk hat - I could tell you about that - only I haven’t knit a stitch on it since last weekend. Ahh well. Only one month more and life should ease off, right? Just count on the heavens to look over us. Yeah. That’s it.

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