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Hope the doctor's appointment went well!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005  

Oooo Carolyn! Yes yes yes! On the possible and the positive visits to VA. And Diann, thank you for the kind words - but there really are days when Virginia is heaven. (ask any virginian!)

I am so way behind in everything I can't really post. German doccumentary film makers called up BD on Monday and came by to interview him yesterday. He brought them down to the library to meet me and we went out to a very late lunch. I'm out all afternoon while we go to the doctor for the 6 week check-up. (can we now be a two driver family?) tomorrow is meetings and Friday is classes and god knows when I will ever get any real work done.

There is fiber in the Queen's Palace - she is knitting a hat from some KnitPicks alpacca yarn and is very pleased with the way the stranded colorwork is developing. She says there will be a photograph sometime.

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