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Bess, if I could do a little volunteering at your library I would. I've been making reserved book calls lately at my current volunteering stint, so I would be willing to check the shelves. I hope you have some wonderful volunteers to wander the shelves for you.

By Blogger erica, at 9:31 AM  

Nothing pithy...just a big ol' hug for you and BD.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:30 PM  


Hugs and prayers out to you for time to Knit and TimeToJustBE. I have a DH who's had 2 heart surgeries, eye surgery, 2 amputations...Luckily, I don't least, not that I know of! Hugs to you too!!


By Blogger Margaret, at 9:04 PM  

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Thursday, June 09, 2005  

No time No time No time

But other than that I'm alive and well. I must go in horribly early to work today and tomorrow. Saturday is still up in the air - I may make the 8 hour drive up to Bedford and back, I may not. Next week will be strenuous, but not quite as mad as this week - after that it's just normal busy summer. Oh. Except that I have to master that new bookkeeping software before July 1. But it's just an elaborate spread sheet, right? How complicated can it be?

The computer system at work has been so screwed up that we had to reboot with a 10 day old backup disk so hundreds of people got overdue notices for books they checked out. The ones that are still in the building can be checked in - but the ones that went out between crash and now aren't recorded anywhere. Sometime in August I'm going to have to do a major collection check - dear lord send me a literate, community service volunteer who can walk the isles looking for books. Sheesh. This is a cruel curse.

No knitting. No fiber. The only fiberish thing I've done in 2 days is to pick the bag of yarn up off the floor before Captain Jack gets his teeth into it. Between now and Saturday I will wrap a knitted object - does that count as knitting content?

Life is very coy about dishing out GoodThings. It never seems to want to give the good stuff all at once. So, if your diet is humming along with crack precision, then the car will break down and suck up all your savings so you can’t buy new clothes, or if your artistic creativity is blossoming, you can be sure that you'll get in a fight with your best friend or some ImportantFamilyMember, so you have to spend hours on the phone trying to mend things. So, right now, with a quaking heart, I am trying to get my work life in order after waking up from that unpleasant dream WifeOfHeartAttackPatient. (Isn't it funny how you don't realize the pressure is on till it lifts?) So, of course, I am having such a good time at home with BD, it’s agony to pull myself away in the a.m. and go to work - it’s impossible to stay even one moment late in the office, when I know he’s waiting to take the dogs for a walk before dinner. Man - why oh why can’t we have it all? At once.

posted by Bess | 7:13 AM