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I can definately sympathize with you - I have a staph infection in my lymph nodes, have been on penicillin for almost two weeks, and have NO energy at all! I am sorry that you are so poorly, and hope that surgery isn't even remotely necessary. Take it easy, enjoy the puppy, and knit and read endlessly, while eating chocolate, of course!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 AM  

Love, there are easier ways to get out of driving to see me in Baltimore! ;)

Misha and Aslan have each gotten into the bath with me (once each). Trevor is not a water cat, but those two definitely are (were). It's an interesting experience to see a cat change their mind and not be able to find a grip on the slippery tub bottom to push off with....

Love you

By Blogger Amie, at 1:44 PM  

Oh No! Don't be sick! I hope you feel better soon. That Mermaid Jacket is wonderful. I want it, too! Jane

By Blogger jane, at 5:23 PM  

Oh dear, my dear! You MUST follow doctor's orders and completely pamper your sweet self this weekend. I'm so sorry you're feeling so ill. Here's a (gentle) hug, and electrons bringing robust health.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:41 PM  

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Friday, June 17, 2005  

It looks like it is a cyst and it has ruptured and is leaking gunk and that is why I feel like weeping at nothing and everything. There was also some other endocrinological evidence of TroubleInParadise, causing fevers, chills and litmus paper color changes. Instructions are to take Darvoset (which was amazingly effective! Got my first night’s sleep in 3 days.) and lie around the house watching soaps (what a joke) and do not lift anything heavier than a telephone. Ultrasound on Monday to be sure nothing is being missed and surgical decisions to be made on Wednesday. Of course, the body might just decide to make it all go away, which would be my outcome of choice. Let us hope.

The concept of hanging out at home is very sweet and would be absolutely perfect if this were last week or next week, because those are the weeks the Marvelous Sheryl comes and performs magic on the floors, table tops and kitchen counters. Alas, much damage can be done in the intervening weeks. Double alas, I am one of those people who catches the flu, goes home, vacuums, hangs up all the clothes, starts the wash, changes the sheets, sorts all the magazines and reshelves them, washes all the dishes, throws up and then gets into bed. It is extremely difficult for me to lie about in a cluttery messy house. It is also extremely easy for me to go out doors or off to work if the house is cluttery and messy. Mr.LeftBrainButWithAHeartDr. said, specifically, do NOT do any housework (okay, I can live with that) and do NOT go driving off in a car, especially ‘98 Nissan Sentras with rough tires, over bumpy dirt roads (much more difficult). No exercise except gentle walking.

Well. This certainly changes my plans for the weekend. Staff training day is postponed. I will probably skip the Rivahfest since it means bumping down my bumpity lane in said '98 Nissan Sentra with rough tires. No spinning, of course, unless I use the spindle. But I can knit. And read. And sleep. I can also order the fabulous sounding New Knitting Books mentioned in this weeks Knitters Review, by Cat Bordi. Wow! Not only is everyone I admire writing new books (Nicky Epstein, Melanie Fallic, Sally Melville) but they are writing about my favorite aspects of knitting; design, color and Christmas. Woo woo - I am so excited. Since book ordering for the library is on a 6 month cancellation schedule and is done on-line, the shopping part of my job can be done anywhere I can find a computer with a connection, even before the books are in the stores.

And that Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid Jacket? Ooo La La! I have never bought an HF kit because they are pricy and a little to angular for me - even if they are gorgeous. But that one - mmmm. Where is my VISA card?

As if the gods really want me to concentrate on how I feel, they have lowered the temperatures around here and diminished the humidity. Yesterday was still on the warm side, but since I was still shivering with chills, the heat was a welcome comfort. Today, medicated into some semblance of normalcy, I can thoroughly enjoy the cooler drier weather as I lie about with my sleepy baby puppy, who, btw, kept me company all yesterday afternoon as well.

Speaking of cute little baby puppies - BD says I have the ultimate in spoiled dogs, because Capt. Jack, who is fascinated with the bathtub and barks incessantly whenever I take a bath, actually got in the tub with me the other day, lay down with his hind end under the faucet, and prepared to get comfortable. This is a dog with an opinion, but then, he is, after all, a water dog. I have seen lots of funny dog sights in 30 years of dog ownership, but that has to top out as number one. So who is sillier, Jack or TheQueen?

Now, in a final bit of delicious trivia, my old fav. NYT has an article today about the wonderful anti-oxidant properties of your friend and mine, the coca bean. Yes yes yes. The article is very careful about countering any really hopeful claims, but this is the nugget of useful information I found:

The antioxidant potential of a substance can be measured using something called an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) assay. Green tea has an ORAC value of 1,686 units per 100 grams. Oranges are just 750. Dark chocolate, it turns out, registers a whopping 13,120.

So - I am off to spend the day lolling. What a novel concept.

A P.S. to CarolynH - I can’t get into your blog on the home computer. Since I can get in using the newer faster machines at work, I am suspecting it’s my computer’s problem - though that makes it my problem too. But I used to be able to read it and now I can’t - did you change anything?

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