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Yay! More Pioneer Girl stories to come. I am excited!

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Saturday, June 11, 2005  

I will make the drive to Bedford. I was there when Anna started kindergarten. I want to be there to see her finish high school. Besides, one of the most beautiful drives on earth is that stretch of Rt. 60 between Midlothian and the turn off to Appomattox. It’s not only a beautiful blue ribbon of 2-lane highway shaken out over gently rolling hills, it’s also crammed packed full of sweet loving nostalgia. Yep yep. It’s decided. I can crash at mama and daddy’s on the way home and be back here by 10 a.m. tomorrow. (Mama? you readin' this? Surprise!! See ya tonight!)

The work week is over and since it was so full of way too much of every stress and strain you could ask for, perhaps the less said, the better. I am a fairly social person - good with people, enjoy them, like to solve problems in a committee - all that sorta thing - but being nice to 80 people in 5 hours is a bit much - especially after taking a class in the morning. I have one more major thing to get ready for the summer reading club, but I think I have it within my sites - if so - I’m good. I have to put together a training schedule/manual for a staff work day on Friday (we’re closing!!! the whole day and the following day for our little town’s summer festival) and I have to lock down the crafts for the Crafty Story Hours scheduled for the next 6 weeks - and after that .... easy street.

I did not weave in the ends of the i-cord for the baby booties (didn’t I promise to do that?) which will be given to the new parents on Sunday, so I will do so before I head out. Gotta be in Lynchburg by 1 o’clock.

I swear it - I promise - I will write a bit about reading and My[Other]FavoriteAuthor soon. Funny how shy I am about letting anybody see this part of me. ‘Specially since all you gotta do is come into the library and I'll start pouring out all my opinions. I just can’t seem to write about them. I even know why - but explaining that is explaining it. So - it’s comin’. Along with Further Adventures of Pioneer Girl. I promise.

Erica - you're hired - a busman's holiday on the Rivah, okay?

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