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Bess, Dear... Take care of yourself. I can sympathize with the problems you are going through. I don't know why our bodies think they have to betray us at every turn. Wishing you a healing, wonderful day.
As to my blog, tblog has been goofing around with their set up for the last couple of weeks - but I will tinker awhile to see if I can make it better to open for you. You haven't missed anything... yet - I am home after my wonderful workshop, but have been to beat to post anything.

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Stop blogging right now!

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Sunday, June 19, 2005  

I tend to listen to my body and when it warns me of an undesirable effect I try to avoid the cause. I don’t wear high heels when my ankles warn me that they’ll twist on me. I do not do rides at amusement parks or fairs because I get unholy motion sickness. And right now I am not taking anything seriously because I am laid low with Emotion sickness, riding the roller coaster out of Hormonal Hell. Everything makes me cry, unless it makes me furious, including playing solitaire on the computer while I wait for the K.R.Forums to load. All words are arrows aimed straight for the fragile zone of my ego. It was all I could do to hold back the tears before BD got out of the house yesterday and even then some stupid post on the forums sloshed the tears over the rim, not because the post was so imbecilic, though it was, but because I wanted to rage at the author. I didn’t, because, as I said, I know better than to take anyone seriously when I am in this state. My lack of patience with nano-brains ought to preclude my responding to them. Heck it ought to negate my awareness of them at all.

Only someone spoiling for a fight would read a topic titled “Will it be really terrible if I use acrylic? [to knit socks]” I mean - who cares what you use? If you can conceive of knitting acrylic socks why should you ask if it would be bad to do so? One can’t possibly be aware of the two fiber camps without knowing the arguments from both sides. Why should knitting socks in your fiber of choice be any different from knitting a sweater or hat or underpants for goodness sake?!? Why should anybody care what other people think about her choice of fiber anyway? Who on earth, much less on the forums, is even going to know what you knit your socks out of? Half a brain? A quarter?

My present state of crankiness has even effected my ability to knit garter stitch. I had to rip out the baby booties I’m making for a wee one who, I suspect, has already been born. Hmmm better call B-i-L this weekend and find out. It’s hard to believe anybody could actually screw up garter stitch but I managed to do so. Somewhere in the midst a 32 stitch row I managed to put the thing down, pick it up and short row back to the wrong end. Sheesh!

Well - that’s perhaps not so weird, as not seeing it till 6 rows later!!

Okay - well At least the gods have given me good weather and the world’s sweetest baby puppy who came running up to me every time I howled with misery and snuggled up close. I swear it, nothing is as loving as a loving furbaby. I am spending a lot of time lying on the floor, because Capt. J is too heavy for me to pick up. He weighs considerably more than a telephone.

BD went to the festival in town yesterday and not only did he remember to empty the trash (another thing that had me weeping, after looking for 15 minutes at the pistachio shells that Capt. J had pulled out of the trash can and spilled on the floor and that everybody was just stepping over and couldn’t they see there was trash on the floor and am I the only person on this earth who knows what a damned broom is?!?) but also he brought home dinner (you aren’t the only person in this house and just because you don’t plan on being hungry 5 hours from now, maybe someone else is, don’t you think huh?)

You should be extremely glad you are not visiting me this week!

But fortunately, mama called and we could laugh at me weeping over a computer card game and then my sister called and had fabulous news and we laughed and she kept telling me happy tidbits for almost an hour and while we talked I leaned against the dishwasher that was heat drying the clean dishes and it felt sooooooo good that I realized that what I needed was a Hot Bath, even if it is mid-June and 84 degrees outside.

So I took one - to the barking complaints of Dr. Jack, who couldn’t figure out why any good Labrador mama would want to get into a hot spring when there was such nice cool water in the snake pool down the lane. Eventually he just curled up by the tub, giving me only the occasional yelp and later he came into my room and slept on the rug by my bed.

And now there is only 26 hours to go before the ultrasound test (ugh! have you ever had an ultrasound when you weren't pregnant? 32 oz of water and don't pee!) and another 2 days after that for the old bod to start clearing things up before I have to decide if I want to move things along with a little help from the doc or not.

Let us hope today’s roller coaster has lower hills and shallower valleys. But if not - I am sure everyone will clear out and leave the grouch to her trash can.

posted by Bess | 8:02 AM