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Wednesday, June 22, 2005  

I indulged in a little extra sleep this morning since I woke in the night and read for several hours. Besides - it’s arranged that if I am not feeling up to it, I can take the afternoon off. I went in to work yesterday, perhaps a little pre-maturely, but the first of the big kiddie programs was yesterday afternoon and I really wanted to lead it. We made neat paper books after reading about circus life. This age group - used to teachers and sitting quietly and cutting with scissors - is both more challenging and less. They don’t need the manual assistance, but they make more intellectual demands. Pretty picture books won’t do it for them.

But really, I adore working with kids in this way - where nobody has to be tested afterwards and whatever spark I do ignite is theirs to light up whatever path they chose.

A good look around the place, though, shows me that the SRC is up and running, staff understands what to expect, new computer use rules are posted, the Wednesday afternoon meeting was canceled, and in spite of the tornado detritus my desk is, I can leave everything till tomorrow - or even next Monday.

The toughest part about yesterday was driving myself. Both vehicles are stick shifts and even the little Sentra’s clutch is a stomp. It’ll be worse this afternoon since I’ll have to get myself home in the truck which is a Big Manly Truck, not some Tonka Toy-ota thing. BD has promised to join me for the dr. visit, but he’s off to the upper Chesapeake this evening for another of his Jamestown 400/Captain John Smith activities. He’s Mr. Jamestown at this point in his career, and everybody wants to know where Capt. Smith really went. Lots of people have ideas, but even National Geographic isn’t going to make a claim if they haven’t run it past Mr. J-town. Check out the June issue for erudite quotes opined by my very own BD.

(Am I proud of my big guy? Whaddaya think?)

So he’ll be out of town for a day or two, with 4 boatloads of historians, hunting down which creek really was Orahattuck or Piscopeake or whatever. (In true spouse fashion, we divide up our knowledge responsibilities and assume when the need to speak about a topic occurs, we each stick to our own specialties - I can be proud of him even if I am somewhat ignorant of exactly what he is doing.)

The bad thing about all this is that I will have to drive the truck home - the good thing is that I don’t have to cook dinner. Sounds about even.

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