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I'm glad your dr. appt is over! That little book is so cute, I'm saved the site for next year. My K classes LOVE to make books and this will really keep them busy.

By Blogger jane, at 7:32 AM  

Dear Heart,

Sorry to hear about your malaise; hope all is back on track now. I've been up to my gussets in Knitting Week here, so haven't read/posted much of late. Do take care of yourself!

P.S. the nurse is pleased with H's wound; it looks messy to me, but it is responding to treatment - PTL!

By Blogger Margaret, at 8:09 AM  

the ordeal is past - now, on to solutions! Feel better, darling girl!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:44 PM  

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005  

The Dread Ultrasound is now only a memory. In the end the technician couldn’t find my left ovary. Or rather, she couldn’t get the one digitized view of it that had been ordered. The LeftBrainers are just going to have to do with what they got - onnacounta I am not going to torture the lower half of my body again any time soon. I was cranked up enough afterwards to go home and sleep for 2 hours - even though yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I could have gone in to work - but I had conquered my fears and was going to savor victory - asleep. I meet with the doc on Wed. to find out where we go from here.

Cute little baby puppy Jack slept with me, because he’d has his shots too and was willing to cuddle up the rest of the day. He’s 31.5 lbs now and his legs are really growing. Still has his puppy teeth but there are big gaps between them. Unlike his predecessor, he isn’t interested in balls, but boy does he love empty plastic liter bottles. They crack and crunch and slip out of the mouth in a most satisfactory way. I can hear him right now, in the front yard, wrasslin’ with one. Driving to town yesterday with him, he proved again that each dog is different. This is our first dog who does not want to stare out the window - not even to bark at horses in a pasture just north of town - much less to give warning to other canines who dare to walk upon this earth. All CLBPJack wanted to do was to sit on my lap - which was full to bursting and definitely not comfortable - with his head on BD’s lap. This dog is Mr. Cuddle. Gotta get some pictures up here.

The blue baby booties are done - ready to ship off to the new parents, since BabyH hasn’t graced us yet. This is the Melanie Falick pattern that is knit flat, folded in half and sewn down the front seam. It’s cute, fast and takes only 100 yards of sock yarn to make new baby sized booties. I used a satin ribbon on these instead of knitting i-cord ties. That much wee i-cord is so boring to knit and besides, this yarn, an end run of one of Spirit Trail’s superwash sock yarns, just cried out for ribbon trim.

I have fiddled with several ways of joining these booties. Instructions just say sew up the seam, but I did a three needle bind off along the bottom of one pair while, with another pair I didn’t bind off the last row, but rather, put half the stitches on another needle and kitchner stitched the seam. I prefer the 3-needle bind off. I still had to sew the front of the booties together no matter how I joined the soles. I wonder, if I made these booties in worsted weight, would they make good slipper/socks for toddlers? I wonder what changes are needed to make booties for me. Hmmm. Christmas gifts.

I go back to work today. I don’t have any fever and I can avoid picking up anything if I try. Summertime is such a busy time at work - when I drove by the library yesterday, every spot in the parking lot was filled. I hope things were organized well enough for the first day of SRC to run smoothly - nobody called in panic mode, so I assume they were. This afternoon we will have our first Crafty Stories for the bigger kids. The summer theme is a circus one so we’re going to make this - and then design our own bigger ones from plain paper. What a clever fold!

My starry guide says that I am supposed to be glad that everything feels like it’s crashing in on me. It’s supposed to be some sort of cosmic spring clean - let us hope he is right. I got lots of rest over these past few days and feel pretty good except for the one hot spot. I’ve managed, just barely, to not gain weight, even though for 5 days I lay about, within 10 feet of a refrigerator and the only exercise I could do was to stroll out to the kitchen and back. Tonight is WW. I haven’t decided if I’ll try to make the meeting - much will depend on the energy level. I’ve been S L O W L Y getting back to goal, with 7 lbs to go. Since this week has been at least as successful a week as most - it would be fun to chalk up a little progress. But not at the cost of drop dead exhaustion. But the real question is:

How am I going to survive 8 hours without cuddling Capt. Jack?

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