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Wait - a new wheel?! Did I miss this when I arrived at MDSW only for the second day, or is it a new puchase since then? How exciting for you - a travelling wheel, and the Lendrum is so nice, too. Congratulations!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:43 AM  

oh, oh, fingers going too fast in my excitement. I meant "purchase" of course.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:48 AM  

Woo woo! You sort of just slid that Lendrum comment in there, you sly thing! You deserve it, dear heart, so enjoy to your heart's content. Is it on order or did you actually get your hands on one?

By Blogger Carolyn, at 10:56 AM  

I thought the cost of fixing the car was the equivalent of the wheel, No?

My feelings on gift giving is like with everything else. If I choose to do it I'm all for it. If I'm EXPECTED to do it then I resent it.

I'm so glad your boys are off the hook. Just coincidence they scampered.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 AM  

Oh, silly of me, but no, I didn't get a new wheel. I just have to pay that kind of money to get my car fixed.

But how I wish.

By Blogger Bess, at 11:09 AM  

Talking of random gift giving has me thinking...I'm from a small town where wedding showers were really thought to be rude and tacky. All those people are giving wedding gifts, you should ask them for tea or a drink, but not another gift. Now my daughter's getting married in the city, times have changed but...did your wedding couple give favors to the guests at the reception? Does everyone do this? Jane

By Blogger jane, at 5:32 PM  

Don't worry, dear girl - you'll NEVER have to pay me to entertain you!

Miss you bunches!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:08 PM  

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005  

What a difference a week makes. First thing at work yesterday I met the new cleaning person - and the sparkling fresh library! I had not realized just how sloppy and dreadful the stupid shiftless boy who quit last Friday really was. Of course I understand that with time anyone who merely comes in to clean, but doesn’t have to stay and work in an environment, will grow less attentive to detail, but man are we enjoying the sparkly fresh difference that having someone else clean the place has wrought.

And in the afternoon I had a visit from the Town Police Chief and his More Senior Deputy (who looks just like the boy who came last week, only maybe a year or two older). I showed them over the scene of the crime and they asked me if I had any suspicions about who might have broken in. With a little sad reluctance I told about the group of youths who still haven’t shown up to use the computers. In explaining how we had put all the pieces together ourselves I showed them the file cabinet, bent and dented and obviously pried by some idiot who has never used a file cabinet before - and in a flash they’d whipped out a photo - Had I seen this man? (No - he was to generic looking) Had my staff? (no again - but then - he was about as bland a looking person as you could be.) They then informed me that there had been a string of petty burglaries at non-commercial places around town; the Catholic church, us, another office type work-place. In all cases he’d come in through the window, used a screwdriver to pry open drawers and stolen only cash - and not all the cash, at that! As if he wouldn't get the full punishment if he didn't take it all. And there was a warrant out for his arrest and they had evidence to convict him in the church robbery. Whether they could get information out of him concerning the others was not clear, but they were confident they’d nab him.

And I was never so glad to have my suspicions negated in my life, because the thought of those young boy/men, who I have watched grow up, being thieves was so hurtful and the relief that I hadn’t seen them all week was so palpable because I don’t think my attitude could have remained unchanged had they come in last week. It just might be that they actually went to school last week instead of skipping class to play on library computers.

If that was Monday - it is enough to set the tone up for the rest of the week. And since today is Tuesday, Tuesday means I can pick up my car (after lightening my check book by the cost of a Lendrum wheel with accessories) and Thursday means I can go visit mom. Nice. Doubly nice since that is the only day that isn’t supposed to pour with rain all week.

All this goes to show that when life sucks, it can sometimes be a good idea to Forget About It All, instead of trying to figure it out or worrying about it. When I left the library last Friday I left 100% of it behind. Never gave it a thought, made no plans, no mental rehearsals, tried to understand nothing about it, merely locked the door on it and went to my happy place. I napped, walked, cooked, talked, and read. I played with puppies and looked at beautiful scenery and let anything that was good in my universe wash itself around me. If the library was getting robbed again - so be it. If the car wouldn’t be ready for days and days, such is life. While I had the opportunity to enjoy anything, by golly - I would.

And what do you know - the Fix-it Fairies got busy and took care of all sorts of things and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Let’s hear it for us ostriches!

Nevertheless - I am still meeting with the rep from a security company at 10 and I have a proposal coming in from another sometime later this week. Fool me once...

And in honor of Tuesday also being WW day here is an interesting article explaining about nonexercize activity thermogenesis - or - people who move more are slimmer. Sort of a no-duh bit of research, but the study showed that even if fidgeters gain weight through diet, they continue to fidget and slugs who lose weight do not become more active. Biologically prone to lie about or twist, our environment can make us fatter merely by making it easier to sit than stand and easier to ride than walk. So - are we condemning all those ADD kids, without gym classes and sucking up ritalin, not only to neurological haze, but obesity as well? One wonders.
And the doctor who did the study (and looks like a Pritikan devotee) is named Dr. James Levine - which puts Smetena’s Moldau in my head because that is who is conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker on one of my favorite CD’s.

BD and I went out to dinner last night and then to see Star Wars - which is nowhere near as exciting as the first 4 movies, but is fun enough. I got just a wee bit tired of the light saber fights, though they weren’t inappropriate - merely boring. Besides, this was just the important transition story of the birth of Darth Vader. I remember being so surprised at how many women found him a sex fantasy figure - because that plastic helmet he always wore never failed to make me think of just how bad his breath must have been. Lawsee - and just think of how bad plastic smells when it finally does take on an odor. Hey, though - who knows what turns some people on, right? Pretty boys don’t do it for me either - so the choice between Anakin and Vader is pretty even - and decidedly unexciting.

And I do not have my curmudgeonly words about gifts yet - because I feel guilty and mean spirited about how I feel about gifts all the time every where coming in all over the place. And it’s none of my business what other people want to do except that once enough people take up a practice it solidifies into etiquette and then it will be required that we all bring a gift every time we set foot in another’s house or be thought rude. And what happens to the speciallness of a birthday gift or a Christmas gift if one is bombarded with acts of kindness gifts out of the blue from strangers, friends or even foes? And do my friends think I am a. mean, b. stingy, c. mad at them when I don’t come up with a gift every time we get together? And have you any idea how guilty I feel even writing this down - or perhaps, guilty isn’t the word, but vulnerable, like I am letting people see what a selfish old witch I am by my questioning this phenomenon of the ROAK web-ring? And worse than that - is it creepily hypocritical that I never go anywhere without bringing BD a gift back? Usually the smallest of treats - but always a gift?

Cute little not so baby puppy has finally fallen asleep here by my feet. Officially, on Thursday, he will enter dogdom and leave puppydom behind. Little Jack will be 12 weeks old and I will have to bring him a birthday present home from the city, right?

Ahh - I never said I made sense - I only felt grumbly and am too cheap to buy gifts for anybody but the men in my life.

So - off I go to discover what new anti-last week event will occur today?

posted by Bess | 7:39 AM